Bernat Symphony Yarn

Bernat Symphony Yarn
Bernat Symphony Yarn
Bernat Symphony Yarn

Bernat Symphony Yarn

New Bernat family of yarn is the Bernat Symphony. It’s 80% Acrylic with 20% Wool. It’s a roving yarn that is brushed. The transitions between the colours are phenomenal. Whether it’s knit or crocheted. I cannot wait to show you some tutorials on this gorgeous yarn later this summer.

This yarn immediately rushed to the top of my GIMME GIMME list. I have been playing with this yarn as tutorials in the future are coming. It feels so soft and looks so awesome.

The colours in the different balls hit the sweet spot big time for me. This yarn is available in 2/3’s of JOANN across the USA. The JOANN website is ready to ship this yarn too! This yarn is currently exclusive to JOANN at this time.

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  1. Ellen

    I have 1/2 OF a blanket done in Symphony Sea Spray, and can’t find it ANYWHERE! Does anyone know if it’s been discontinued?!??

  2. Hi, There is a large group of us that want to make the Rustic throw and use the Bernat Symphony yarn in Autumn Maple. We have searched high and low!!! Help!

    • I haven’t seen it here where we live, but I know the US has been struggling to get and keep it on the shelves. I think it was more popular than they expected it to be when they released it. I know Mikey doesn’t have any other than what he used for the pattern he did beyond that we don’t have it here. Good luck though I hope you are able to locate it eventually.

  3. Marla Goranson

    Thank you for letting me join!

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