Crochet Baskets/Flower Cozies Pattern

Crochet Scalloped Edge Basket / Flower Cozy
Crochet Scalloped Edge Basket / Flower Cozy
Crochet Scalloped Edge Basket / Flower Cozy

Crochet Baskets / Flower Cozies

Crochet these really awesome Crochet Baskets that can double up like a flower cozy.

Using Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn that is comprised of 100% cotton, these are perfect and sturdy enough for this type of use. This cotton is vibrant and durable for everyday use. Due to the material being cotton, you don’t have to worry about this yarn getting wet and drying again.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Baskets

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This is a very straight forward pattern with a solid circle base that grows straight up the sides. The picture shows the basket growing outward to the top; however, that’s because the flower pot is causing the fabric to stretch and form to the shape. If nothing is inside, the basket is just straight up.

Follow the instructions for the tutorial if you need help with the stitchwork. It’s pretty easy generally.


Crochet Basket Pattern Ideas

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    is the written pattern available still? when I click the link there is no written patter?
    thanks…..your great Mikey!!!!

    • Mikey

      Yes, I just updated the article with a large blue download button. You probably missed the link in the write up. 🙂 It should be good to go.

  2. Melissa Turner

    No blue button

  3. Lina Gozzo

    Hello Michael,
    You are a wonderful teacher. I’ve learned to crochet with your videos.
    I have a question regarding the basket video. I see that the basket, when
    finished comes out tubular, if I want to have it come out wider on top what
    changes do I need to do? I want to make a basket for a flower girl to bring
    at a wedding, with a handle. Please help me with this project.
    Lina G.

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