Crochet Cable Twist Hat Pattern

Crochet Cable Twist Hat
Crochet Cable Twist Hat
Crochet Cable Twist Hat

Learn how to do Crochet Cables plus have a new project to be excited about at the same time. Try this Cable Twist Hat.

This is easy to follow the pattern that will test your skills of doing front post double crochets. I have created a crochet diagram that I used in the video to help me visualize the stitches to do this pattern.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Cable Twist Hat

I am pretty excited about this pattern and it’s a great starter project for those crocheters that would like to try a crochet cable pattern.

Crochet Diagram

There are two pages for this. If you click on the diagrams, both are on the same download PDF.

Cable Twist / Messy Bun Hat Page 1 Crochet Diagram
Cable Twist / Messy Bun Hat Page 1 Crochet Diagram
Cable Twist Hat / Messy Bun Hat Page 2 Top of Hat
Cable Twist Hat / Messy Bun Hat Page 2 Top of Hat

Video Tutorial

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  1. lori

    I am trying to make this hat with 5 weight chunky yarn? how many stitches will work for an average size adult hat? Im new at crocheting in the round…

    • Mikey

      I’m really not sure but you could look at a chunky weight hat version. I think it’s about 70 stitches in the circumference. Look at the Stepping Texture Hat, it may help you formulate an action plan. I won’t know unless I spend a few hours of research and trials to know for sure.

  2. Tami Whitley

    Love the hat, the style is great, it was easy to follow the tutorial. Thanks a tonne Mikey!
    The only problem is the hat is too short. Not sure how to add length now that it’s done πŸ™

  3. Halee

    This link is fine. πŸ™‚ great pattern!

  4. Linda

    I just finished my first cable hat, it was fun! Thanks for the tutorial <3 , you made it really easy to do!

  5. MaryKay Lanning

    Is there a way to make a scarf to match this hat? I love the design of this hat and have been trying to figure out a scarf for it. Thank you for all your tutorials and patterns. I’ve learned how to crochet with you!

  6. Helen

    Hey thank you so much for your amazing tutorials. You have helped me to learn so much and I now have a hobby that I love πŸ™‚
    I was thinking of making this for a child..have you any ideas of how would I make it smaller? Maybe to fit a 2 year old? Tia x

  7. Isabelle LEFÈVRE

    TYVM for all these free patterns!!!!! most of the time, I’ve to buy them! I’m a french speaker, I need to translate (a little bit) with the differences between english UK/US πŸ˜‰

  8. Jan

    Is there a way to make this hat for a bigger head. if i add a a set of 12 more stitches for the cable pattern, it becomes to large.Any ideas?

    • Angela

      Increase your hook size. How much larger do you need to go? Or add 12 stitches but go down a hook size?

      • Jan

        Thanks,I’m trying to make one for my partner as a present he has a 23-24″ head.Will try these out.Hopefully it will work πŸ™‚

  9. I have trouble getting back to the pattern. When I break away to catch up and then go back to the tutorial
    I have a problem. So now I have to start over again with the tutorial. It’s frustrating ?

  10. I would have never figured these lovely patterns out it if weren’t for you Mikey and you’re wonderful videos! Thankyou so very very much❀❀

  11. kim davies

    i loved this tutorial, you are the best teacher on the internet, thank you mikey lots of love from me here in the UK xx

  12. Sandra Degrow

    You provide an eclectic collection of patterns and your instruction is spot on.

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