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Modern Rectangle Granny Afghan by Jeanne Steinhilber
Modern Granny Afghan by Jeanne Steinhilber

Keep Bringing on the Caron Cakes!

Hello, my name is Jeanne and I am a Caron Cakes addict.  I sat down and counted and since the debut 9 months ago in August of 2016, to date I have crocheted with this amazing yarn: 6 afghans, 4 cowls, 2 scarves, 1 shrug and 1 shawl.

Uncompleted WIPs… well I can’t even begin count those. LOL

The latest colours this spring are so yummy, I made a beeline to the store as fast I as could.  I crocheted the Modern Granny Afghan again in the new Lavender Cake for a house warming gift.  I think I love it even more than when I did it in Cake Pop colorway.  I am currently working on 2 new baby blanket designs, so keep your eye out for those as I should be finished with them very soon.

So when browsing around the internet for inspiration, I stop as soon as I see someone using Caron Cakes yarn.  I have compiled another list of patterns that look amazing with this yarn.  Some of them were written for the Cakes and some I have just seen done as fabulous projects in the Caron Cakes Facebook group or on Ravelry.

Free Patterns

  1. Charlotte’s Dream
  2. Boomerang for Hookers
  3. Wrapped Ombre Tote Bag
  4. Lacy Waves Vest
  5. Kaleidoscope Infinity Scarf
  6. Tidepool Wrap
  7. 6-Day Kid Blanket
  8. Lucky Celtic Infinity Scarf
  9. Granny Square Triangle Scarf
  10. Lost in Time
  11. Starburst Mandala Circular Vest
  12. Rainbow Ripple Blanket
  13. Sideways Shell Baby Afghan
  14. Southern Trails
  15. Giant, Giant Granny Square Blanket
  16. Granny Stripe
  17. Dragonwing
  18. All the Colors Cowl
  19. Melting Popsicles Afghan
  20. Triangle Shawl/Scarf
  21. Mostly Harmless
  22. Beautiful Shells Blanket
  23. Blooming Flower Cushion
  24. One-Skein Chevron Scarf
  25. Dragonfly Bandana Cowl
  26. Casual Cowl
  27. Car Seat Cloak
  28. Super Plush Faux-Knit Infinity Scarf
  29. Soft Stitch Cowl
  30. Rabbithole Cardigan
  31. Virus Meets Granny Shawl

Paid Patterns

  1. The Sawyer Scarf
  2. Life of Change
  3. Phoenix New Beginnings
  4. Granny on the Ridge
  5. Wrapped in Warmth Crochet Shawl
  6. Brocade Shawl

 The Crochet Crowd Originals

  1. Glacier Cowl + Tutorial
  2. Self Fringing Scarf
  3. Textured Cowl
  4. Frosted Layer Cake Shawl + Tutorial
  5. Hypnotic Tiles Afghan + Tutorial
  6. Fluffy Meringue Shawl + Tutorial
  7. Warm C2C Shawl + Tutorial
  8. Modern Granny Afghan + Tutorial
  9. Fluffy Meringue Vest + Partial Tutorial
  10. Modern Granny Shrug + Tutorial
  11. Happy Hexagon Afghan
  12. Watercolor Ridges Afghan
  13. Woven Scarf + Tutorial
  14. Entrelac Afghan + Tutorial
  15. Prayer Shawl + Tutorial

More Crochet Pattern Ideas

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  1. Frankye Campbell

    Hello Mickey what about this virus stitch?

  2. Lori S.

    I have one more to add to your list that I found yesterday on the website Elk Studio. It is the Delightfully Southern Shawl done in the CCakes Buttercream and it is so pretty! Thanks for the patterns- time to go yarn shopping and get to hooking!!!!!!

  3. Bonnie Ratcliff

    Wow! That’s a lot of patterns! Thanks for sharing, Jeanne!

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