Crochet Cloche Bell Hat

Crochet Cloche Bell Hat
Crochet Cloche Bell Hat
Crochet Cloche Bell Hat

The Crochet Cloche Bell Hat is designed by me, is featuring a stitch that didn’t realize at the time had a name. It has the Samurai Stitch. You will do 3 double crochets in a row and then double crochet around the 3 posts to bring them together. It’s the striking texture you see.

The hat has a beautifully textured top and then slides into the Samurai Stitch once the rounds are firmed up with the final number to grow down the body of the hat.

The brim then reopens back up to give the bell to provide shade from the sun. This is double-stranded using Bernat Softee Cotton. It feels wonderful.

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