Crochet Deja V Basket
Crochet Deja V Basket
Crochet Deja V Basket

Crochet Deja V Basket

The easy repeating for the Crochet Deja V Basket is pretty straight forward.

The base is a solid colour with the main colour. I will make a note that the pattern states the MC is only 1 ball, it’s actually 2 balls and the secondary colour is 1 ball. It’s a minor typo.

The striping is done up in sets of 2 and is pretty easy to maintain. You will see in my tutorial that I am showing how to do the striping but I would caution to keep the stitchwork tighter than what I did for strength. It’s a much bigger basket than the picture lets on to be as well.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Crochet Pattern: Deja V Basket


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