Crochet Mad for Plaid Blanket Pattern

Crochet Mad for Plaid Blanket
Crochet Mad for Plaid Blanket
Crochet Mad for Plaid Blanket

The Crochet Mad for Plaid Blanket is using Bernat Toasty yarn. This is a plaid based blanket that is created like a graphghan concept. You will need mini balls of yarn in the colours shown.

Included with the free pattern is a diagram to showcase how the colours work together. This concept requires a bit of patience but the end results look really amazing.

Colours of Bernat Toasty used in my tutorial were: 

  • A – Taupe
  • B – Spiced Chocolate
  • C – Grape Sun

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Free Pattern: Crochet Mad for Plaid Blanket


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  1. Lynn


    I am following along with the left hand version of the pattern on your YouTube channel. I have started my blanket (using different colors) by ch 131, and I’ve got the 1st row all done. I have 10 balls of yarn, all attached to my project, as recommended. I cannot figure out how to turn it! Do I have to move all 10 balls to the front now? Your video is excellent, but it seems like you skipped that part. Help!

    • Mikey

      When you turn, all strands should be on the side that you have turned to. When you finish with a strand, you toss it to the back and keep moving down the row. So when you turn the entire blanket, all strands will be popping out the front side again ready for you again. Does that help?

      • Lynn

        Yes, that helped! Thank you! All my 10 balls/strands are all crossed over each other, but I think if I’m careful, they won’t tangle.

  2. I learned a few important things about crochet with your videos, and I thank you for the great help you are to others in this beautiful art or hobby. To me is an anti-anxiety pill. Silvia.

  3. Gildershooked

    Hooray! I have waited for decades for a pattern that will simulate the McLeod of Lewis (goldenrod, black, red) tartan. Thank you.

      • Patricia Blake

        OK Thank You so much

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