Crochet Marled Basket Pattern

Crochet Marled Basket
Crochet Marled Basket
Crochet Marled Basket

Crochet Marled Basket

The Marled Basket is using Caron Big Cakes. The basket is super easy. It is about 12″ diameter by 12″ tall.

It uses 2 balls of Caron Big Cakes. You have two choices for using 2 strands together. For the basket shown here, it’s my own sample and I used two different colours of Caron Big Cakes at the same time. It was 1 ball of Blue Macaron and Blueberry Scone. It is a pure fluke it matched my bedspread. With crochet marl, you never know how it will look until you do it. This is what makes it fun for me.

Choice 1:

Grab the ends from the two balls and crochet them together.

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Marl Basket Pattern

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Choice 2:

Grab the end from the one ball, then the other end from the same ball. This will use the same ball to do both strands. I demonstrate that in the tutorial below.

For me, I did Choice #2 to create my own version. There is a beautiful advantage in doing Choice 2 and I explain that in the tutorial below.

Crochet Marled Basket Tutorial

Tips for Using the Same Yarn Ball for Marled Look

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  1. Hi, I’m Tracy Nickels I’m trying to do get the winnie the poo charaters pattrens! I’m gonna give the basket a try! Love watching you do your thing!

    • Winnie the pooh is a licensed character, we tend not to do anything that is licensed. I hope you enjoy the basket though.

  2. Susan

    I’ll be surprised if Mikey answers, as none of the above questions have been, but maybe someone else can tell me. Where can I find the pattern for this Marled Basket?

  3. Joelle

    What is the beautiful color for the basket shown in the pic at the top?

  4. Christine

    Tried it with 5mm. Bottom is wavy? can someone PLEASE POST THE RIGHT SIZE HOOK????

  5. Tami

    Apparently I’ve done something wrong as my work looks more and more like a throw rug and nothing like a basket! The sides are not curving up as they should. So anxious to see the tutorial so I can make this beautiful basket!

    Thanks Mikey! I’ve learned so much from you!

  6. Renee

    Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  7. Valerie

    Please do a video showing how to create the basket. I am new at crocheting and still struggle with written instructions without the visual help. They would make wonderful Christmas gifts.

  8. Julia Vedders

    I contacted Michael’s about the hook size yesterday. Above you say 5mm (which is what I would use with a single strand). In the comments you say 8mm (which sounds about right and is an L size, I believe). Which is correct?

  9. Susan

    What is the hook size? The pattern doesn’t say, and if you look at the “supplies” link at Michaels it says to use a 1.5 mm steel hook! That is TINY TINY TINY – can’t be right.

    • Sandy

      Should be 8 mm

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