Crochet Together Shawl Pattern

Crochet Together Shawl - I crocheted the whole thing too! Oh man!
Crochet Together Shawl
Crochet Together Shawl

The Crochet Together Shawl is an adapted pattern by me based on an existing pattern.

Yarnspirations have me focused on Bernat Toasty which is tight to the core boucle. Usually, with Boucle the strands can catch on the hook. This yarn is designed to keep the strands closer to the core. So I literally didn’t, not even once, have the yarn snag in my hook.

Crochet Shifting Colors Shawl
Crochet Shifting Colors Shawl

The original pattern is Crochet Shifting Colours Shawl. It is using Bernat Plentiful where it’s just 1 ball of yarn. You will use the strand from the centre of the ball and outside of the ball as you cross over the centre point. It provides a mirror effect that you cannot see within the same as you can see with my version.

My version is the same centre triangle but the Crochet Shifting Colours Shawl has wings added to it. You could do the same with my shawl as well but you will need more yarn.

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Together Shawl
Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Shifting Colours Shawl


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