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Mikey in Studio
Mikey Yarn Bath
Behind the Scenes: Mikey Yarn Bath

The Crochet Crowd was first developed through YouTube as a community. Our website and social presence that we know today as Social Media followed about 2 years after as we were on the cusp of a new generation of How-To Tutorials.

Playlists are updated each time a new video is added to YouTube, which is daily in some cases. There are currently 310 ways that our tutorials are sorted. Below is an organized alphabetical list for your enjoyment. Each link will take you directly to YouTube to exactly the playlist that matches.

Project Levels

Crochet Through Thick and Thin Blanket
Free Pattern: Crochet Through Thick and Thin Blanket

Projects here are sorted by the level that is assigned to the pattern. We don’t do many advanced level projects, so Intermediate and Advanced are grouped together as well.

Projects Patterns by Category or Theme

3 Incredible Crochet Mosaics
3 Incredible Crochet Mosaics

Projects are grouped together to match themes which include the usage of the project. Whether it’s for home decor, babies and clothing.

Special Occasion Patterns

Crochet Holly Jolly Mosaic Blanket
Crochet Holly Jolly Mosaic Blanket

Projects are sorted by calendar or life events that stand apart from the rest of regular crochet projects. Whether it’s festive or even patriotism.

Stitch Concepts or Techniques

Crochet Entrelac Pattern with Caron Cakes

These are concepts like a mosaic overlay or unique stitch combinations that are used in several types of projects. Examples would be crocheting with wire, hugs & kisses stitches, graphghans and much more.

Crochet Patterns Broken into Video Chapters

Crochet Study of Geometry Afghan
Crochet Study of Geometry Afghan

These are projects where chapters are made for either section of a project so the community can work together in a project. Breaking a major project into chapters also makes the project feel more doable. In time, some major stitch alongs are combined into a mega video, other times, they are left on their own.

Crochet Patterns by Yarn Brands

Mikey All in Family Tutorial Yarn
Mikey All in Family Blanket Tutorial Yarn

Videos are sorted here by the brands of yarn that are used in the project. Sometimes, the projects are shown with different yarns during filming due to inventory or preference for learning purposes.


  1. Hi Mikey,
    I love your designs for 5 textured crochet pillows and am starting to make the Textured Flower Pillow (also called Flower in the Square Pillow). It has occurred to me that I can’t see any instructions for the reverse side of the pillow. Do you intend for both sides to have the flower motif? Thank you so much for any guidance you can give!

    • Mikey

      Yes, both sides have the same motif but if you prefer the back to be different, you can create something else if you wish.

  2. Sharon

    Hi I just found your YouTube introducing your studio space. It was from quite a few years ago. Do you still have a bricks and mortar space selling yarn and other fibre items? I’m in NS for another week and was planning a little road trip. Thanks!

    • Mikey

      At this time, our studio is closed to the public. We sold off all of our yarn. We are not meeting with anybody at this time as we are travelling in two weeks and doing a self-quarantine beforehand so our testing pre-flight won’t be compromised. I’ve been really taking C19 seriously and doing my best to not intentionally meet up with anyone. I’m sorry about that Sharon. I’ve become very paranoid and just want to be honest with you.

      • Missy Brigner

        Ok. So I’m trying to reach out here for some help.
        I’m trying to make the peppermint afghan. I can’t seem to understand the pattern or find a video tutorial that helps me understand. I’m a visual learner, reading a pattern is most definitely NOT my strong suit.
        I just can’t figure out how to join the motifs.

      • Mikey

        Which Peppermint afghan are you needing help with. Can you give me a link to it please so we are talking about the same one.

    • Mikey

      I haven’t seen this design before. I can consider it for next year. I’m in a mental slump at the moment and haven’t been filming anything. Stuff going out in Tutorial format was filmed a month to 3 months ago. It’s a beautiful design, truly.

      • Nicole

        I’m seeing this late, but hope you are feeling better, or will be soon.

  3. Leann

    Hi Mikey

    I was wondering if you have done a tutorial for the Lion brand Go for faux yarn yet?

    • Mikey

      I’m sorry we don’t. Lion Brand doesn’t support us for the free tutorial or free pattern work we do. I stay away from their content and yarn because what we offer is free but is supported by Yarnspirations so we can pay our bills and continue to give you everything for free. I’m sorry.

  4. Linda Brown

    Instruction for redheart wrap-ture crochet wrap

  5. Carol Gheer

    Have learned So much from you! Thank you for ALL you do..
    Have you done a tutorial on how to turn a circle into a square? Is there a magic formula that you use?

    • Mikey

      There is a formula but it’s a formula based on knowledge and not a spreadsheet sort of thing. It’s probably why such a resource doesn’t exist.


  6. Charlotte

    Mikey, thank you so much for all of the tutorials. They are amazingly helpful! Could you do a tutorial on C2C graphgan that goes row by row? I have the unicorn pattern from Repeat Crafter Me that I would like to complete going row by row but would like the C2C look/texture. I watched to C2C-Row by Row tutorial but I’m not sure how it would work out with a graphgan. Thank you for your help/advise.

    • Mikey

      I prefer not to film something like that. I am so scared of messing it up in the tutorial. I’m unsure how to film a C2C in row by row instructions without sounds very repetitive and people criticize me for already talking too much in the tutorials as it is.

      If the pattern is Sarah’s, she may oblige you as this is something she could do with her own pattern. I would ask her through her website if you have a chance.

  7. Sudha Shekar

    Hi Mikey
    I have request. Can u show how to make vintage Sunflower Popcorn Bedspread Pattern. I would love to make it but following the PDF pattern is difficult. The pattern is given in ‘Priscilla Crochet Book Bedspreads’. Thanks in advance

    • Mikey

      I haven’t had a designed a project like that. I cannot just film anything that I haven’t designed or by Yarnspirations.

  8. Kerri

    Don’t mean to be so forward, but will you be my crochet husband, Mikey? Disclaimer: I’m already happily married and have two hideous looking kids. The problem is: they call crochet knitting. *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn* Yes, I know. *shakes head, defeated* I decided to teach myself how to crochet when I found a 3.25mm hook in a junk drawer in Nov. 2019. Quickly discovered this was not the right size for me to teach myself. 🙂 Any-who, your only “marital” obligation would be to let me tell whoever I want that you’re my crochet husband and answer a question here and there. Like: what’s a wrapped double crochet stitch? And: Can you make a video to show me?

    In all seriousness, thank you for your WONDERFULLY, well-done video tutorials. Because of the pandemic, you have become my go -to guy on learning new stitches!

    All the best!

    • Mikey

      Crochet Husband Eh! I would make a lousy husband for sure. I’m a self-induced workaholic with mentally stuck in helping people cyberly at the cost of my relationship. This pandemic has been rough and I am circling the drain in depression at the moment and really struggling to keep my head above water. It’s hard to tread water in supporting others on this educational journey when I am gasping for air myself. It’s been tough.

      Thank you for this very kind message and I am glad our community can assist in this difficult time and really thank you for your appreciation for the work that is put into the community. Our team and I appreciate it, a lot!


  9. Dodie Quinn-Vaughn

    I know that you probably hear that you are a great inspiration to SO many people all the time. But I truly hope that you understand the scope of your inspiration! You really are an amazing person!
    I learned to crochet by watching my Mother & my Grandma when I was a little girl. But just the very basics of crochet. Since discovering The Crochet Crowd I have learned SO much more. I know that my Mom & Grandma would be so proud to see all the amazing things I have been able to create thanks to the way you teach it! I always feel their presence when I crochet. And that is very precious to me.
    I would never have continued to crochet & create the wonderful things I do without having come across you & The Crochet Crowd! You are such a blessing in my life!
    And I believe that you are loved & appreciated more then you will ever be able to comprehend. G-d truly blessed this world the day you were born! Thank you for being YOU!

    • Mikey

      Afternoon Dodie, thank you so much for sharing your personal story with me. It’s amazing as we pick up stitches in time, starting your grandmother to get you started in the curiosity. The creativity unleashed feels so good! Thank you truly for being a part of our community.

  10. joycelanders

    i wonder if there is anyone that can help me decrease the unicron blanket that has a purple border by jessice folpeek from 2017 its ac2c white unicorn with a purple border

  11. Allison Lomax

    Hi Mike
    Love your tutorials and creative patterns.
    I’m wondering if you would
    be interested in putting together a Fair Isle crochet tutorial and pattern.
    Hopefully yours, Allison

  12. Lori Evans

    Could you do a demonstration on how to get the pattern to show properly in different sizes on the Premier Bloom yarns? i love it but don’t know how large a project i can make and keep the pattern in proportion.

    • Mikey

      Morning Lori, we are not sponsored by Premier to run any products or patterns on our network. We did approach Premier years ago and they were uninterested in tutorials from me. The tutorials take time and money to produce. We don’t touch products where there is no sponsorship so the community can keep receiving free tutorials and patterns. I’m sorry.

  13. Mangai Thiru

    Can you post a call for Faire Isle crochet beanie

    • Mikey

      I don’t understand. Can you rephrase your question.

      • Joana

        Maybe she meant a CAL?

  14. Valerie Ross

    So funny! I just asked all the members where to find your tutorials just minutes before you posted this. I’m so excited to have all your tutorials! I will be watching many, many of them! Thank you so much, and thank you for being so awesome!

  15. Noelia

    So funny that while talking to my friend and suggesting your page she said: I love Mikey!!! Ive been following since forever! Keep inspiring and teaching! And having fun!

  16. Lorena Phillips

    Thank you Michael for being the Heart & Brains behind The Crochet Crowd Family! Your presence on screen in tutorials and videos is always so fun, enlightening, warm, and encouraging! I always find myself in awe that you’ve provided the gift of inspiration for many lifetimes over… free of charge!!!! Thank you again for being such a great creator, curator, tutor, mentor, teacher, and experimentalist!

    • Mikey

      You’re most welcome. Thanks for enjoying what we have created. My goal is to keep crochet going on beyond my lifetime. The more people I can inspire, the more it goes into the future. I have no kids, so it’s the general idea to propel strangers.

  17. Mary

    Thank you! Checked out a few, so easy! I just hope I can find this later!!!!

    • Janice

      Add page to your favorites to be able to find it easily.

  18. Wanda Frost

    Wow! That’s all I can say. You put all this together for us. I’m a quiet crocheter, not as advanced as others but you give me the incentive to try new things. Thank you for your sense of humor. Thank you for this. Thank you for being you!

  19. Beverly Hopkins

    Still love you and Diva Dan. Do yall still come to NC for the yarn sale.

    • Mikey

      No, we made arrangements to no longer attend that sale. It’s a long week and it stops me from being able to get my work done online that I have due dates for. They are a fun sale though.

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