Crochet Infinite Cowl Pattern

Crochet Infinity Cowl
Crochet Infinity Cowl
Crochet Infinity Cowl

Crochet An Infinite Cowl

Deceptive complex but easy to crochet is this incredible infinite cowl. I have to admit to you, I have avoided this pattern because it looked so hard and maybe if I would have just quickly reviewed the instructions that I would have realized it was beyond simple.

What makes this cowl so simple is that there are only two rows to follow once the pattern is established. You can see obvious stitches to work with and you can blast one of these off your hook in no time.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Infinite Cowl

While I think the pattern is easy enough to follow, I have made you a video tutorial to prove how simple it is. We’ve decided to use Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable with slow transitioning yarn colours. It’s remarkable!

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If you can read patterns and would like the pattern, it’s called the Crochet Infinite Cowl.

Follow the Video Tutorial

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