Zigzag Crochet Bobble Blanket
Zigzag Crochet Bobble Blanket
Zigzag Crochet Bobble Blanket

Bernat Velvet Zigzag Crochet Bobble Blanket

The fun texture of Zigzag Crochet Bobble Blanket is made out of alternating rows of bobble stitch and popcorn stitch. Check out the free pattern, from Michaels, to learn how. Bernat Velvet is super snuggly-soft, and the thick gauge works up quickly, resulting in a luxuriously squishy and inviting project. The blanket is finished off with a fun row of dangling bobbles. We would love to see this texture in each of the fashionably shiny, vibrant colours of Bernat Velvet.

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21 thoughts on “Zigzag Crochet Bobble Blanket Pattern

  1. This pattern is off. It’s a beautiful blanket and I have made 3 of them but, the one end is not coming out like it should. I’m still giving them as gifts as, the recipients are not crocheters. If they were, they would see there is clearly mistakes. Can someone help???

  2. I love this blanket but cannot get past the 2nd row. I have 131 double crochet like the pattern says. Then I start the 2nd row and I never end up with the 2 remaining stitches to popcorn and then double crochet to end the row. Anyone else having this issue? I love this blanket and would love to make it but don’t seem able to get it right.

  3. Please,please look at the directions to this pattern. It didn’t even say how to finish off the popcorn stitch with a sc. Also, I’ve made my way to the third row of popcorn and the pattern is ridiculously off…they look random, not in a zig zag pattern. Had anyone else been getting this?

    • I just realized it’s a Yarnspirations Pattern. Their customer service is available for pattern help and if something is wrong, they would love to know to circle it back to the designer. You can contact them through their website if you wish. yarnspirations.com. I’ve not done this pattern personally to give you any advice for stitch counts.

  4. Is there something off on this pattern instructions? If you chain 133 and come back to 4th chain that leaves 130 stitches left to dc into. The next line says to dc into each stitch and that you should end up with 133 stitches??? 133 – 3 = 130 so how can you end up with 133 stitches after dc into each stitch on second row? Please help! Ive done this 6 times already! Ugh! Grrrrr!!

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