Crochet Aran Isle Throw Pattern

Crochet Aran Isle Blanket

Crochet Aran Isle Throw

Crochet Aran Isle Blanket
Crochet Aran Isle Blanket

The Crochet Aran Isle Throw is subtle textures that make this blanket a classic design. The pattern has a 10-row repeat throughout the body of the blanket.

The border is easy to understand as well. I really think the colour here would be suitable for neutral decor too.


The stitch multiple is 6+1. I originally forgot to include the ch 3 that is skipped in the beginning chain as a stitch initially. It’s why I am confused in the tutorial but put a note on it. The crochet diagram I made for the tutorial is below. You can click it to open it up and/or print it.

Crochet Aran Isle Throw Diagram
Crochet Aran Isle Throw Diagram. Click this picture to download or print.

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