Crochet Rustic Textures Blanket Pattern

Crochet Rustic Textures Blanket

Crochet Rustic Textures Blanket

Crochet Rustic Textures Blanket
Crochet Rustic Textures Blanket

The Crochet Rustic Textures Blanket is a beautiful textured blanket that combines rib stitching and larks foot track stitching.

In person, this blanket is absolutely stunning. The texture plays with light to really bring out the elements.

Once we get started in the patter, this is a 2-row repeat. In the Bernat Symphony, this is really amazing. I need to make one for myself.

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  1. Kelly M Lane

    Hello-I started this blanket and added stitches per pattern recommendations 11+8 and ending with a space instead of 2 FPDC. What am I doing wrong? I’ve recounted, frogged and did it again and no matter what I end with a space then 4 sc. Please advise, thank you.

    • Mikey

      Morning Kelly, I cannot tell from my seat here. I really don’t know. I cannot visualize your situation in my head to give any advice. You could email me a photograph. I don’t know how many stitches you are finishing with.

  2. KC Larsen

    Love this pattern, Do you think I could make it with 2 Caron Anniversary cakes and would it look all right? Thank you

    • It might take 2 and a part ball, but it would look alright. The colour change would obviously be very different.

  3. Kelly M Lane

    Just received the Bernat Symphony yarn. OMG Mikey this is gorgeous. I know you said you like it but wow is it soft. Cant wait to start afghan. I’m seeing pillows in my future too lol. This is awesome.

  4. Kelly M Lane

    Last week I read where this pattern is being changed? If this is right is it updated now and/or when is it expected to be fixed. Please let me know, I bought the yarn after the video show with Mikey and Daniel loving the colors and hearing a video would be available. Please understand I’m not wanting to sound pushy or rude, just wanting to plan projects. Thank you

    • Mikey

      The pattern is correct as written. The final row isn’t on the diagram as it’s just stated in the instructions. Sometimes they make the graph so the ending is shown and other times they don’t. In this case, they didn’t and I thought it was an error.


    • Mikey

      I would double check the counts from the edge if I were you. It happens to the best of us. If the stitch is out of alignment by 1 stitch, you will see that happen. Michael

  5. Verna Varrone

    Hi Mikey,
    Thank you to you and Daniel for the live broadcast showing the new yarns. I’ve fallen in love with the Bernat Symphony and instead of doing the CAL I’m going to do the new rustic textures blanket shown in that yarn as a gift for my sister. You guys are the best.

    • Mikey

      Thank you Verna for watching and following along. I love this blanket. A LOT! 😀

  6. Mary Ann Hineline

    Just love to crochet

    • Waneva

      This pattern looks like I am looking for a housewarming gigs. In making about how many balls of the Bernat Symphony does it require to make for the Crochet Rustic Textures Blanket Pattern?

      • Mikey

        It’s 8 balls. The free pattern is available through the Blue pattern button if you want to see even more about it. 🙂 Michael

  7. Mary Ann Hineline

    I love to crochet i just got done making three blakets for my grandson’s an granddaughter and they sure love them now making baby Afghan’s for my great grandchildren

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