Crochet Colorwork Hat Toque Style Pattern

Crochet Colorwork Hat Toque Style Pattern

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Colorwork Toque Style Ha

Colorwork Toque Style Hat

Crochet Colorwork Hat

Crochet this amazing Crochet Colorwork Hat pattern. This is easy to crochet hat that utilizes 1 ball of Caron Chunky Cakes or Caron Chunky Cupcakes to make. The colours change every other row by being strategic with the ball. Use one strand from the inside of the ball, the other from the outside of the ball. The colours work together and create unique looking projects.

For the toque style, follow the suggested pattern. Using the 6.5″ distance from the edge of the brim before starting the top decrease. For the beanie style, crochet only 5.5″ up from the brim and it forms the top of the head shape better. Each is a style on their own.

Caron Chunky Cupcakes are exclusive to Michaels USA only. For us here in Canada, I would suggest Caron Chunky Cakes that you can find at Michaels.

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Colorwork Toque Style Hat Pattern

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Started unofficially in 2008 and transitioned into a full-time job in 2011. He is a stitch ambassador for Yarnspirations in teaching crochet. Most of the patterns he develops are free for you to enjoy.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I need help with a simple ribbed beanie pattern for an 12-18 month old. I have a #5 weight yarn (Caron chunky cupcakes) I’ve looked all through YouTube and Pinterest but have no luck with all said requirements above. Help Mikey!!

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