Crochet Home Decor Trending Back In Style

Crochet Home Decor Trends
Crochet Home Decor Trends
Crochet Home Decor Trends

Crochet Home Decor

Industry experts were telling me in spring of last year that home decor crochet trending is returning and will soon be on the horizon. At the time, I couldn’t see that happening. The experts are based on forecasting and shift of behavioural attitude.

This year, my head is shaking. Regular projects I feature aren’t doing as well as they should but the home decor side is picking up bigger than I suspected. So I had a conversation with one of my mentors about my findings. Sure enough, the predictions of last year are relevant for this year.

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Classic Chunky Cowl + Tutorial
  2. Crochet Ornament Hat for All Ages
  3. Craft Picture and Lamp Pattern
  4. Crochet Sweet High Tops Booties Pattern
  5. Small Crochet Christmas Fun Decor Patterns

Home Decor Stereotypes

Roseanne, the TV Show as a kid showed me I could do a crochet granny square. You see other TV Shows where afghans are featured, such as Orange Is the New Black, Wentworth, reality shows and sitcoms. They have a common theme, they are usually depicting a family or situation when the person or family is ‘down and out’, gawd forbid the average person. Why are the afghans missing from scenes when a family or person is depicted as mid to high class? Sure, they probably exist but it’s rare. Let’s be honest.

As you can tell, this bugs me a lot. I know many people who have spare money at the end of the month that crochet. However, it doesn’t seem to be translating to mainstream TV or movies.

Home Trending Decor, Diva Dan Sleeping
Home Trending Decor, Diva Dan Sleeping

It’s Easier to Buy A Pre-Made Afghan BUT…

While the home decor is EXTREMELY PERSONAL… there is also a sense of pride in matching your decor with something you have made with your own hands. Daniel, above, was caught napping with my new Stitch Along Blanket. To me, I felt honoured. It was coloured to match our space so it belongs to space.

While yes, we could have run out and bought a lounging afghan for the sofa, I am almost certain this blanket will outlive me. I took my care with my stitchwork and sewing. Today’s products of home decor or even fast fashion are designed for short bursts of being in trend before they fall apart or look weathered.

Here are is a large list of Crochet Pillow ideas, most have a tutorial.

Love Scrapghans

Scrapghans give me a sense of comfort as well. Bits and pieces of yarns you once handled. Examples like the Circle in the Square Afghan would look lovely.

Just choose a consistent colour as you see in the grey here and the other colours can be your mixes of scrap yarns.

Basket pattern Ideas

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  1. Margaret

    I stop thowing a way my unused yarn when I finish a project. With the left over yarn I started to make corner to corner beautiful throw all the different colors.

  2. Janice

    Being a crochet fan, I was pleased to read this and hope others will discover this relaxing, creative craft! ?‍♀️ Being an English teacher, I reluctantly mention that I wish a grammar correction, in addition to spelling correction, would pick up a few errors. ‘While yes, we could have (ran out) and bought …”. Eeks, I feel like a teacher having to point out a mistake on a favorite student’s theme paper.

    Is it possible that afghans from earlier years may still have younger people continuing to see too many brown, orange
    and gold granny square afghans? Oh, what beautiful choices we have today ❤️! Let’s continue to show the new generations what beautiful crocheted home accessories they could be enjoying! Those afghans from Roseanne’s set are things of the past and there is a new world awaiting for snuggling in for a sofa nap!
    Thanks for this interesting article .

  3. Definitely Bang On! I’m obsessed with pillows and lapghans! Love your patterns and tutorials, Mickey!

  4. Susan G.

    So glad to see this happen! I probably finish 95% of my crochet projects. That’s not true for me with knitting. I love the meditative quality and mindfulness of yarn and my hands.
    Bang on!

    Don’t forget, many charities are thrilled to have handmade items. For example, the women’s hidden Domestic Violence Home in our area provide a blanket for every person that comes through their doors. I’m making blankets for babies with Dragonfly in the patter. Hope for the future and I care.

  5. Patricia Jaroslawski

    While most people in my circle know that i crochet, this year my daughter requested a cable beanie with a faux fur pompom that she wore to a ringette team event. It was very well liked and I ended up being asked to make the whole team the same hat (16 total), so I brought my projects with me to practices and games to maximize my time. That really seemed to open people’s eyes to the beauty of the craft. Many noticed a few of the wearable items I would wear and many have asked me to make them items now and recognize the time and care that goes into making these items.

  6. Madonna G

    Bang on. One word – Hygge. It’s real. It’s needed.

  7. Sherrilyn Seward

    Bang on!

  8. Deborah Gibson

    The new trends in yarn textures and colors really support expanding your personal space. Crochet allows expressive functional art in your home no matter how big,or where it is. Big footprint in small space. Yea!,

  9. Lisa

    Bang on, if you’re ever out to lunch with me I will treat lol

  10. Kathy Keller

    You were bang on. Love Crochet

  11. Christina

    You are right on here. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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