Crochet Prayer Shawl Pattern

Crochet Prayer Shawl
Crochet Prayer Shawl
Crochet Prayer Shawl

Crochet Prayer Shawl

Crochet this easy to follow Crochet Prayer Shawl. This shawl is similar to the Crochet Comfort Shawl. The difference is that it is bigger with 6 rows.

Why this matter is due to the scallops at the edging. You cannot just add those scallops without mathematics involved. So if you loved the comfort shawl, this is a bigger one and the math works out.

Crochet Prayer Shawl

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The tutorial will introduce this shawl and show you the difference:

  • Comfort Shawl Size: Repeat Rows 4 – 6, 3 times.
  • Prayer Shawl Size: Repeat Rows 4 – 6, 5 times.
  • Generous Size: Repeat Rows 4 – 6, 7 times.
  • Repeat Row 4 one more time.
  • Then continue onto the scalloped edging in the instructions.


Using Caron Kindness yarn, exclusively at Michaels.

Crochet Prayer Shawl
Crochet Prayer Shawl. See the beautiful scalloped edge.


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  1. Wanda

    Just beautiful
    Ive made 2 now.
    Thanks Mikey
    Your a good teacher.
    Is there a complete written pattern. Cant seem to find it.

    • I have added the blue button that will take to where you can get the full pattern. Hope that helps.

    • Cornelia Finder

      Hi, thank you for this great shawl. I found the tutorial online ,I do better with them. Caron kindness yarn is mostly sold out online . Which other one would you suggest to use instead of?
      Thanks, have a great day .

      • I love the kindness too, impeccable is another one I like working with Mikey likes the caron one pound, and Bernat premium is another one I work with a lot

  2. Virginia

    I really wanted to do this beautiful piece, but I don’t get it. I have done it over and over correctly and still not coming out so I quit. This is the only item I’ve seen you not do step by step.

  3. Norma Williams

    Rows 7-22: Repeat rows 4-6 four times. This takes you through Row 18, leaving 19-22. It doesn’t add up. Do we repeat 4-5 in Rows 19-21 and then 4 in 22? Or do we do another repeat in rows 19-21 and then repeat rows 4-5 in row 22 and 23 and then pick up pattern in row 24 (23)? What do we do to get the 156 stitch count by row 22?

    Also, to get the stitch counts, you CANNOT count the ch2 in the center.

    Please address as I know that I am not the only one having this problem. See the YouTube comments.


    • phyllis carter

      I’ve had the same problem o er and over againwith the triangle shawl patterns from other sights too. Like you I must be missing something. I need step by step written instructions. Don’t assume that I can read between the lines.


      • Mikey

        So the repeating of the rows isn’t helpful in this case? I did add notes to the article to try and help. What more can we do to help you further with this pattern?

  4. Regina King

    Would you recommend Bernat Velvet for this or is it not a heavy enough yarn for this project?

  5. Linda Johnson


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