How to Add Closed Captions on YouTube
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How to Add Closed Captions on YouTube
How to Add Closed Captions on YouTube

Closed Caption Volunteers Needed

As technology advances, we get more and more global but we also have those here in North America who are hearing impaired or prefer words on the screen to have no volume for our tutorials. While the live broadcasts cannot at this time be Closed Captioned as we don’t have the technology here to make that happen at this time, we can transcribe the recorded tutorials after they are recorded and put onto YouTube. We don’t have the ability to transcribe Facebook Videos at this time as the process requires us to listen and match the words exactly to timing as it’s not automatic like Google.

YouTube has opened up the world of enlisting volunteers to scrub through the scripts and make the necessary corrections. While Google does a good job on capturing most of the script with accuracy, there is issues with the scripting which is the following:

  • Words are not always accurate. Treble Crochet appears as Trouble Crochet.
  • 6 can appear as Six or even Sex.
  • Yarnspirations appears as your inspirations.
  • Mikey appears as Lucky.

Do not edit any LEFT HANDED Tutorials. We have the ability to copy the finished script from the RIGHT HANDED versions directly to the Left Handed. We don’t need to edit both Left and Right separately. So only do the Right Handed Tutorials.

Closed Captioning of videos takes time. Our team is so small and our resources are so limited. We need help in this area. We are hoping through the Volunteer Process of receiving YouTube Accreditation of your work that we can open the world to Crochet to All. We are picking up a lot of foreign countries and languages in our global community. In many ways, your corrections can teach others across the globe who do not speak English the joys of crochet.

Video Tutorial on How to Closed Caption Tutorials

Below this video are screen shots of procedures but the tutorial really covers it all.


Closed Captioning
Closed Captioning

Advantages of Closed Captioning

While we instantly think of hearing impaired for Closed Captioning. YouTube now has the ability to recognize when a user has a different language.

  • The Closed Captioning can display the language in foreign languages by translating what is said. This means that someone who is Spanish, German or many other languages will see the CC in their own language.
  • This allows our global audience where English isn’t fluent to see what I am saying in a language that is more comfortable to them.
Closed Captioning
Closed Captioning

Once a Video Has Been Fully Approved by Our Team

The video listing will display the CC in the listing to show you that the CC has been completed and is available with accuracy.

All videos automatically have CC but as mentioned above, the CC isn’t accurate. Once we comb through the script and make corrects, the videos are automatically assigned as CC to let those with hearing impairments and anyone of foreign languages know there is options for them to follow the video using the CC.

  1. Who is Mikey of The Crochet Crowd?
  2. Free Crochet Workshop for Beginners + Tutorial

To Be A Volunteer & Benefits

  • You must have a YouTube Account and be logged in.
  • You can instantly look at the CC and make the corrections instantly without applying to us to do it. You can work on it behind the scenes when you have time without committing to the process formally.
  • You will be credited for the corrections. Up to 5 contributors to the videos will be automatically listed in the video description as being the person who did the CC. The 5 are based on the amount of corrections in a video. This means others can contribute to the same video but the 5 people who did the most work will receive the honourable mentions. This is controlled by YouTube and is automatic.

All Videos Open for Closed Captioning Corrections

All videos are now open for Closed Captioning Corrections by YouTubers. Once a video has been fully approved by our team, it comes off the list for being allowed to be Closed Caption as it’s completely done.

Once you start making corrections, we receive a daily update on the corrections that were made in the previous 24 hours. We review and check for accuracy. Once approved, you become credited for the corrections in the video descriptions.

If in the unfortunate event that someone plays a fast one and inserts inappropriate language, we have the power to flag that person as being unreliable to take away this power from them for making any further corrections on our channel and YouTube as a whole.

Things to Look For

  • Google misses punctuation of sentence structure. One main element is to identify sentences. Put in periods and capitalize.
  • Contractions aren’t always caught.
  • Words are sometimes completely wrong. Mikey = Lucky sometimes. Eight can be Ate.
  • Please allow me to have my personality and not change my slang into more formal language. I want to be informal as being formal doesn’t fit my personality. I prefer those who cannot hear me or speak my language to understand that about me.

To Begin…

Closed Captioning for The Crochet Crowd
Closed Captioning for The Crochet Crowd

Go to any video on our YouTube Channel. Click the GEAR BUTTON on LEFT in the video player. Then click Subtitles/CC then ADD Subtitles/CC.  Video will stop and open an new window to begin edits. Then Click the BLUE BUTTON to select English. Editing is then open for you to make corrections.

Closed Captioning for The Crochet Crowd
Closed Captioning for The Crochet Crowd

The video will change to show you the script on the left. To begin editing. Click EDIT on the upper right.

Closed Captioning for The Crochet Crowd
Closed Captioning for The Crochet Crowd

You can then click on each box of writing and begin your edits. Once you are completed as much as you want, you click SUBMIT EDITS on the upper right. (this shows Publish Edits… that’s because it knows I own the channel). This will signal us here at the Studio you have edited the script. We will check it and approve each box individually for your accuracy.

Tips for Editing

  • You can listen to my words and type what you hear. When you begin typing, the video will instantly stop for you to type. Once you stop typing, the script will continue.
  • For myself, I am confident in the close accuracy of Google. What I do is to not listen to my script but make the changes in Punctuation and sentence structure in each box.
  • Chances of duplicate words or words that don’t make sense together, I have stumbled in the video or corrected myself.
  • Each box represents the timing of where it is in the tutorial. As you move down the boxes, the video advances.

Final Video

Once the video is fully completed, the video will have the CC Stamp of Approval and the scripting in the video will be accurate. The video can then be translated with close accuracy to foreign language and give our hearing impaired audience a chance to follow along.

Closed Captioning
Closed Captioning