Crochet Textured Waves Rug
Crochet Textured Waves Rug
Crochet Textured Waves Rug

Crochet Textured Waves Rug or Afghan

I was very inspired by the texture of using the concept of waves with criss-cross double crochet. I thought this stitching concept by Patsy Harbour, designer for this rug, would be really inspirational as an afghan or throw. This is the Crochet Textured Waves Rug.

The multiples of this particular design are 20+3. If you want a mirror balance but not as written in the instructions, you can use multiples of 20+13. This will create a balanced look if you prefer it.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern for the Textured Waves Rug

I have a diagram drawn to help me teach this for video recording. I have included my rough notes in the event you find it helpful. It’s a free downloadable PDF below.

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Upclose Look & Diagram

Crochet Textured Waves
Crochet Textured Waves
Crochet Texture Waves Rug Diagram
Crochet Texture Waves Rug Diagram. Click the picture to download this diagram.


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5 thoughts on “Textured Waves Rug / Afghan Pattern

  1. I can’t find a link to download the written pattern for the textured waves rug. There is a PDF for Mikey’s rough stitch diagram but not the pattern.

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