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Crochet Textured Waves Rug
Crochet Textured Waves Rug

Crochet Textured Waves Rug or Afghan

I was very inspired by the texture of using the concept of waves with criss-cross double crochet. I thought this stitching concept by Patsy Harbour, designer for this rug, would be really inspirational as an afghan or throw.

The multiples of this particular design are 20+3. If you want a mirror balance but not as written in the instructions, you can use multiples of 20+13. This will create a balanced look if you prefer it.

I have a diagram drawn to help me teach this for video recording. I have included my rough notes in the event you find it helpful. It’s a free downloadable PDF below.

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Upclose Look & Diagram

Crochet Textured Waves
Crochet Textured Waves
Crochet Texture Waves Rug Diagram
Crochet Texture Waves Rug Diagram. Click the picture to download this diagram. 


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One thought on “Textured Waves Rug / Afghan + Tutorial

  1. I can’t find a link to download the written pattern for the textured waves rug. There is a PDF for Mikey’s rough stitch diagram but not the pattern.

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