Crochet WIP Wednesdays

Crochet WIPS Wednesdays
Crochet WIPS Wednesdays
Crochet WIPS Wednesdays

Crochet WIP Wednesdays

You know you have something in your WIP (Work In Progress) bin that you quit on and moved onto something more exciting.

On Wednesdays, we challenge you to share a WIP that has died a slow death and see what you need to do to breathe life back into it. Don’t be shy, it’s normal to quit a project midway through.

Shockingly, some people quit near the end and don’t bother to weave in the tails. If you want to share on our Instagram, here are some hashtags to show us.

The Crochet Crowd Instagram
The Crochet Crowd Instagram. Click on this picture to advance to our Instagram.

#WipItWednesdays, #TheCrochetCrowd, #Yarnspirations, #LetsStitchTogether

So here’s your WIP Wednesdays Challenge

  1. Go through your WIP Bin and figure out which one you are going to revive.
  2. Once you have selected the item, snap a photo of it and share what it currently looks like.
  3. We would love to hear your backstory on why you quit it as well.
  4. I double dare you to continue the project and see if you can finish it. I know it may be hard.
  5. As you continue to work through it, snap more photos and post it to our Stitch Social Group and see if people can encourage you to finish.

This may be a great time to go through your bin and see if you really will finish. You may want to frog (rip apart your item and save the yarn) or just quietly put it somewhere that the garbage truck happens to pick up to free your space.

So today is about committing, decluttering, finishing or forgetting it permanently. 

The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social

The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social
The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social. Please ensure to fill out the questionnaire when applying to join. Questionnaires not filled out will not get approval to join. We take our guidelines seriously so that the page stays on the topic of crochet and isn’t used as a tool to self solicit or get into politics.

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Crochet Interlocking for Beginners Pattern
  2. Vintage Baby Crochet Blanket Pattern
  3. Crochet Market Bag Pattern
  4. Crochet Social Textures Blanket
  5. Read Crochet Diagrams

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