How to Use Tassel Maker

How to Use A Tassel Maker
How to Use A Tassel Maker
How to Use A Tassel Maker

How to Use A Tassel Maker

What can I say… I like my toys! Just ask the Cruisers on the Crochet Cruises. Whenever we giveaway toys, like this, on the cruise, they are the hot ticket items!

While yes, you can use cardboard or potentially your hand to make tassels, I enjoy having the tools at my disposal to make the perfect tassels.

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Loops & Threads Tassel Maker
Loops & Threads Tassel Maker

I picked up these as a kit of 4. The brand is Loops & Threads, Tassel Maker. There are 4 sizes in all. This is not a paid advertisement or sponsorship to show you this product that is at Michaels, I’m just showing you the tools I used. I am sure there are other tools available at other leading and independent craft stores too.

I like the simplicity of this tool. It’s strictly for tassel making. So it’s not a multi-purpose tool that can tassel, cook you eggs and potentially sort your mail. Its purpose is designed perfectly for tassel making.

You will see in the tutorial below on how to use this tool to make your very own tassels.

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How to Use A Tassel Maker

Crochet Pattern Ideas

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  1. Darlene Archie

    I liked your tutorial so much I wanted the same tool you have. Is this Loops & Threads Tassel Maker no longer available?

    • Mikey

      I’m not sure. I’m not affiliated to Michaels to get an answer to something like that. You might want to contact them on their website if inquiry. They don’t take my inquiries on behalf of consumers.

  2. Shelley

    Perfect simplicity

  3. Jamie Gay

    Just what I was looking for! You are fabulous!!

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