Railway Knitting eBook
Learn Tunisian Crochet
Learn Tunisian Crochet

Learn Tunisian Crochet with Dela Wilkins

Dela Wilkins is the one and only Railway Knitter. Her nickname is exactly what you would imagine it to be. She does Tunisian onboard trains but not only enjoys the hobby but also teaches other passengers on the train during her long journey from British Columbia to Ontario a few times each year.

Tunisian is also known as Railway Knitting. Dela has become a friend to us here and she is exceptionally inspirational. In fact, she will be teaching onboard both Crochet Cruises coming up in February of 2015. We are looking forward to her time on board with us.

What you may not know, Dela has a workshop book that is insightful and has the basics of Tunisian inside. She uses this book while teaching on Via Rail and each student gets their own copy.

Railway Knitting eBook
Railway Knitting eBook

With permission from Dela, we can also give you a copy as well. Railway Knitting eBook by Dela Wilkins.

Get More Information
Get More Information

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Tunisian Shadow Stitch Cowl
  2. C2C Graph Maker for Afghans
  3. Arm-Knit Sashay Cowl Knitting Pattern
  4. Knit Bias Wrap Pattern
  5. Tunisian Honeycomb Scarf Pattern

Video Tutorial

Tunisian Pattern Ideas

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10 thoughts on “Learn Tunisian Crochet + Get Free eBook

    • Thank you so very much for this. I love tunisian crotchet, but did not have a variety of stiches and patrons that I can choose. Maybe now that wil change. Please thank Dela on my behalf for her kindness

  1. Its an incredible honor to see The Crochet Crowd spotlight other talented people. I’m sure glad to be a part of the Crowders.. You guys (& girls. .lol) rock! !
    Thank You for all you do 🙂

  2. I LOVE tunisian crochet! I just wish they made STEEL TUNISIAN CROCHET hooks, so that we could do it with THREAD! Any idea how one could possibly get that? I can’t find them anywhere… they are only in larger sizes for worsted weight yarn that I’ve found!

    • Get the wish app you can get different sizes and at a very good price also Walmart has two sizes only there might be a few at Michael’s and or Joann’s

  3. Thank you and Dela for sharing her book! It’s been 30 years since I did this style of crochet, but I love it. I will be doing it again.

  4. Thank you for this and please thank Dela for giving you the permission to share the e book. I have always wanted to learn tunisian crochet since my Aunt made a beautiful plaid blanket. I was allowed to have a go! Now, maybe, Dela has given me the confidence to try again. Tonight!
    Thanks Crochet Crowd.

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