Loops & Fringe Crochet Scarf Pattern

Crochet Loops & Fringe Scarf
Crochet Loops & Fringe Scarf
Crochet Loops & Fringe Scarf

Crochet Loops & Fringe Scarf

Create this really interesting scarf. This pattern will push your skills into another dimension of crochet. One of my reasons for doing this video is that I really struggled with visualizing a beginning couple of rows. It was hard for me, yes… even me. One of the elements of this pattern that will test you is that you need to learn to trust in yourself and follow the instructions. The pattern will take its proper form after Row 3 or 4. Once you get beyond the beginning, you will be laughing.

In this pattern, I used 2 balls of Red Heart Boutique Treasure. Be sure to follow the pattern for the row counts for the entire length of the scarf as you will run out of yarn for the treasure if you go too far. You will need yarn to do the fringing at the end once the scarf is completed.

If you are looking for something special to crochet. You may want to consider this one.

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Crochet Loops & Fringe Scarf Pattern

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  1. KimmieZ

    I love your long and wicked laughs. I’ve been watching some of your “fun” videos, vs. crochet videos, and I get such a kick out of how much your 2 laugh. That’s awesome!

  2. Mary

    I have been looking for that exact color of Aqua! What is the name on the wrapper so that I can order it? Thank you 🙂

  3. Bernice Dean

    I love this pattern I am going to try it. Mikey always does a great job with the instructions always so easy to follow along with him. Thank you so much for your efforts and passion for crocheting Mikey I enjoy your work.

  4. Elizabeth Mudge

    Hope you have written instructions for this pattern soon. Thanks.
    Love your tutorials.

    • Rose Mullay

      You were going too fast. I kept going back but missed something. I agree with Elizabeth and hope you have written instructions. Let us know. Thanks.

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