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Mystery Crochet Afghan
Mystery Crochet Afghan

Mystery Afghan

The Crochet Mystery Afghan was a 10 week mystery crochet along in the spring of 2015. Crocheters worked on their steps as each week continued.

There are over 3,600 examples of afghans in all different colours available to inspire you further. See the entire gallery.

Complete Video Tutorial

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8 thoughts on “Mystery Crochet Along – Complete Afghan

  1. I thought the full July 2 Crochet Along Afghan pattern was available in full. I’ve search all over this website for the pattern, and was directed to another website but didn’t find it there either. I was looking for the pattern and graphs with no luck. The free Mystery Afghan Patterns took me to a lot of patterns but I didn’t see this one. Can someone point me to one button to push so I won’t have to search two whole 2 websites please.

  2. awesome, it looks like you used the picture of my mystery afghan for this video.. and here i was thinking it looked funny and i should’ve used brown as my main color. lol

  3. The finished afghans are all beautiful and the talented artisans who worked on them should be proud of their efforts. Well done! (And as soon as I get five minutes to breathe, I’m going to start work on one, too!)

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