Rectangle Granny Afghans: All Sizes Pattern

Rectangle Granny Afghans: All Sizes Pattern

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All Sizes Rectangular Afghans

Crochet All Sizes Rectangular Afghans

Patterns for All Sizes of Afghans

Some crocheters are tired or bored with ‘Granny Squares’ and wish they could do granny squares but in rectangular format instead. Let’s face it, most things such as our bodies, beds and furniture are not square. The concept is not new, the trick is to be able to start off the project so the afghan grows properly in all directions to match the shape of our beds and etc.

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In this article, I have broken down the steps and figured out the math it takes to start your rectangular afghans. Though my hook size may be different than what you may decide for yourself, the sizing of achieving the right rectangular starting size to get the proper finished size should work out properly. The key is to ensure the middle is right length before circling around the project.

Typical Afghan Sizes

  • Sizes include draping over the sides of the bed. I have indicated the stitch counts to start off properly.
  • Please note that Queen Size Beds are typically square. Essentially, queen size afghans can follow the normal Granny Square Concept for an afghan.
  • Skein counts are not provided. This pattern is targeting how to get started with your afghan.
  • Don’t be confused by the starting chain counts. Afghans that are longer than wider, such as a twin size, will have a higher chain count. Larger afghans tend to get closer to being closer to a square will have less starting chains.
Mattress Size Size of Afghan Dimensions Starting Chain Count
28″ x 52″

39″ x 75″



33″ x 42″

66″ x 90″



54″ x 75″ Full / Double 80″ x 90″ 31
60″ x 80″  Queen 90″ x 90″ Complete As A Square Afghan
78″ x 84″ King  108″ x 90″ 49
 39″ x 75″ Day Bed  66″ x 90″ 58


Twin & Day Bed Size Afghan Instructions

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Twin & Day Bed Size Afghan Pattern

Crochet Rectangle Afghan - Twin Size A

Crochet Rectangle Afghan – Twin Size A

Double or Full-Size Bed Size Afghan Instructions

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Double or Full-Size Bed Size Afghan Pattern

Rectangle Afghan - Double Bed

Rectangle Afghan – Double Bed

Queen Size Afghans

Queen size afghans are typically a square. A regular square granny square will work for this size bed.

King Size Bed Size Afghan Instructions

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King Size Bed Size Afghan Pattern

Rectangle Afghan - King Size A

Rectangle Afghan – King Size A



King Size Afghan Tutorial Will Not Be Made as the instructions are provided above and the concept is identical to the two above tutorials.

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    43 thoughts on “Rectangle Granny Afghans: All Sizes Pattern”

    1. Martha Stewart says:

      I want to make a rectangle granny for a baby. How large do you suggest?

      1. Mikey says:

        Baby blankets are generally 30 – 36″.

    2. Jean Perry says:

      Thanks very much for your pattern. I love the fact that you provide information on the various sizes of mattresses and corresponding afghans. But, and I’m sorry if someone has already pointed this out, there is a mistake right at the beginning. Only two double crochets should be done in the fourth chain, in order to make the usual grouping of three, as the chain serves as the third double crochet, just as in all of the other rows. Otherwise, the first group of stitches is larger than all of the rest, and it should not be.

    3. Jennifer says:

      I see there have been a few other requests for starting chain counts for a SHAWL?? Any suggestion?? Thank you!

      1. Mikey says:

        What shawl? I don’t understand.

    4. Ann says:

      No blue button

    5. Leslie says:

      I’m trying to figure out the equation of how many chains to determine the size of a blanket, for sizes not listed here. Can you help me out with that?

    6. Chyann says:

      This is great Mikey! I found you on youtube by ‘tubing’ some thing I would like. I love your tutorials and this awesome website. I used to crochet years age and my daughter wanted me to make her a super scarf. That got my creative juices flowing again and you seem to have just what I want to make! After 30+ years it is like learning all over again but I’m loving it!

      Keep up the GREAT WORK!

    7. Mari Ewell-Torres says:

      My friend loves your posts and blogs!! She told me that you are the best at teaching new stitches and patterns…she is right!! Thank you for being out there!!

    8. Jean M says:

      I’m a newbie to your site and very pleased to have found you! Your instructions are clear as a bell and you work the stitches at a pace I can easily follow. Thanks! With regards to this afghan, is there a formula you used to determine the length of the backbone? I see many people asking for various sizes and I’m pretty sure you have other things to do than answer each one (like making more videos!). If you posted a formula, everyone could figure out their own measurements.

    9. I could use baby size afghan instructions for a “granny rectangle”, too. Specifically, my “knit night” group often makes 22″x26″ car seat afghans for local charities — what would the starting chain count be for something that small and of those proportions? (I imagine something that small would also be useful for bassinette blankies for hospital newborn/preemie nurseries.)

    10. Andrea says:

      Your directions and videos are fabulous. Your dimensions for this afghan are on point. The only thing that was omitted was how much yarn is needed for each size. This is important because lot sizes usually don’t match when you go back for more yarn.

    11. Debra Joslin says:

      Baby size directions?

    12. Elsie says:

      Just found this tut. It is so easy to do when you explain and show how in the video. How did you finish the edges of these giant grannies?? Did I miss another video?

    13. Tonya says:

      I am wondering if these directions can be pdf’d? because I know this will be quick crochets for Christmas for the family this year and thank you for setting this up I can do it but I make a granny square till I get it as wide as I want then get the length then duplicate at other end I am sure this way is MUCH easier than that 🙂

    14. Tonya says:

      I did this 40 years ago didn’t break it down at 15 I was lucky to finish it and my mom rip still had it up till she died and I now have it again and put a border on it …….don’t be sad for me I had my mom 54 years and she was my worst enemy and best friend I miss her but she will never be forgotten 🙂

    15. Baby size directions please, please please!

    16. Barb Schmidt says:

      Ok I am feeling so silly, just starting out and I am wondering if you could add 2 more rows to the video?, I can not catch on to the corners… I need just a bit more help here…Thanks if you decide to do it, have a hard time reading the patterns, I know I have it right up to the point you quit then I am lost for some reason. So frustrated right now…Thanks again…

    17. How many chains for a shawl 20×60

    18. Julie Peters says:

      I’d like to make a baby size rectangle afghan. Would you please add this sizing to your chart? I made a preemie size for my nephew’s preemie in NICU but that was 11 years ago! It fit perfectly in the bassinette-thing she was in but I don’t remember the beginning chain I used. So a beginning chain for a preemie size and a baby bed size would be helpful.

    19. Ray Eisenstein says:

      Can you please tell me how I can get this rectangular pattern sent to me since I do not have a printer and I keep having trouble with my iPad.

      1. Sorry, I do not offer mailing services for patterns.

    20. Ray Eisenstein says:

      Like this very much. Can you please tell us how many skeins it will take to make this blanket for a twin bed.

    21. Nelia Fernandez says:


      1. Nelia Fernandez says:

        hello ..
        may i know what kind of yarn to use for the blanket?
        please reply..

        thank you

    22. Babz says:

      I’m looking for the solid style granny square to make an Afghan for a full size bed. Could you make a pattern & a tutorial video for it please?

      1. Corinne says:

        Yes yes thank you for this tutorial. I also am interested in the solid rectangle granny. I’m going to try to figure it out using the info from this toot!

      2. Michelle Bensing says:

        Hi there… I love that you give this pattern in different sizes, but I’m wondering how you figured them out? Was it just trial and error? I crochet for an organization that request 30×60 since they give many away at one time the like the sizes to be the same. Can you help figure out the size please?? It would be greatly appreciated.
        Thanks, Michelle

        1. Michelle, it was trial and error. No magic formula I’m sorry.

    23. Heila Olivier says:

      Fantastic, just started my first Twin bed Afghan and the video and instructions are real easy to follow.

    24. Deb says:

      Do you have a chain. Count for a body pillow?

      1. I don’t as body pillows come in all shapes and sizes. You will need to figure out gauge to determine that.

    25. lynn says:

      Thanks this is great info. 🙂

    26. Donna says:

      Thanks so much, have been looking for this pattern for quite some time !

    27. Claire says:

      This is wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I was wondering if you had done a starting chain count for a lapghan? I make lapghans for local nursing homes and some have a problem with a large grannie square. Am so glad I just found your website!

      1. Carol says:

        I would also appreciate a breakdown for lapghan sizes. I make lapghans for our local VA hospital. Thank you for all your hard work!

    28. Sue Rowlison says:

      Thanks so much for the break down on the stitches for the size.I just got done making a twin size.Wish I would of known this info but it still turned out great.Love your group

    29. Mary Torpy says:

      This is something I figured out a long time ago however to see the number of stitches needed for the size you want is a wonderful idea. Thank you for all you do.

      1. Diane says:

        Thanks! This is fab.

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