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Cosmic Baby Ideas

12 Cosmic Baby Concept Patterns

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That statement of giving your child the moons and stars can never be truer for this round-up. Cosmic Baby Patterns. A handful of ideas such as non-scary alien stuffy to

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Crochet Baby Poncho with Caron Baby Cakes

Crochet Baby Cakes Baby Poncho – 3 Sizes

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The Crochet Baby Cakes Poncho is sized for 6 months, 12- 18 months and 2 – 3 years. The pattern has all three sizes included. You can learn more about

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Crochet Holiday Baby Gift Ideas

70 Baby / Toddler Size Crochet & Knit Gifts

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The round up has 70 Baby/Toddler Themed Gift Ideas for crocheters and knitters. Many people would appreciate a handmade gift, especially this year. There are ideas within this round-up that

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Crochet Baby Character Sweater

Crochet Bear Character Sweater Pattern

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Character Sweater Crochet from the top down to the waist is the Crochet Bear Character Sweater. With simplistic design and with sleeves being crocheted on after the main body is

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Crochet Velvet Sweater

Crochet Velvet Sweater Pattern

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As if you don’t want to cuddle your little one or your grandbaby all the time as it is, but working up this easy Crochet Velvet Sweater for them to

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Crochet Baby Jacket

Crochet Easy Baby Jacket Pattern

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Crochet Easy Baby Jacket Crochet this pattern for charity and also for the new family members in your life… introducing the newborn to 12-month sizes for a Crochet Easy Baby

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Easy Baby Cardigan Sweater

Crochet Easy Baby Cardigan Pattern

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Easy Baby Cardigan For those who can read simplistic patterns, this Easy Baby Cardigan had me gobsmacked with its simplicity. I’m careful not to say everything is easy. Some in

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Crochet Kangaroo Hoodie

Crochet Kangaroo Hoodie Pattern

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Kangaroo Hoodies New Crochet Kangaroo Hoodies for young children. A homemade hooked garment for children that you can do with your own hands. It’s available in 2 sizes. You can

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Crochet Baby Coat

Crochet Striped Baby Coat Pattern

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Baby Coat The Crochet Striped Baby Coat is pretty straight forward. Starting from the top going down to the bottom. After the yoke, the jacket flares out a bit to

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Crochet Bear Cub Poncho

Crochet Bear Cub Poncho Pattern

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Bear Cub Poncho This cute Crochet Bear Cub Poncho is super adorable for young children. This pattern is pretty straight forward to work through. I’ve never done anything like this

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