Crochet Circle to Square Transition Worksheet

Crochet Transition from Circle to Square
Crochet Transition from Circle to Square
Crochet Transition from Circle to Square

Transitioning a circle project into a square is not as hard as you may imagine. I created a Circle to Square Transition Worksheet.

The circles are smaller in size, I turn to Yarnspirations to look for other patterns where a circle has been converted into a square. Usually, the smaller sizes have free patterns to reference.

Most of the questions we receive are when the circle is substantial in size like 140 sts and above. There is a mathematical way of doing this and you will use your hook and do each round making a decision each time.

In a circle of 160 sts, it takes about 3 rounds to get the square. In my future blanket with 292 sts in the round, it took me 5 rounds to get to a square.

The worksheet deals with mathematics and tips to get started. There is not a solution for everyone. It’s customized. Messaging me to figure this out for you won’t work as I physically have to do it myself to give solid numbers. So I am leaving you how I figure it out in the hopes you will put in the work to solve this problem on your own.

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Circle to Square Transition Worksheet



This is an example of a large circle transitioning to a square. The free pattern for this Stitch Along Blanket is here.

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  1. Marie


    SO EASY TO FOLLOW! I didn’t need the video but appreciate it being there if i need it!
    never forget you are awesome!

    • Mikey

      Thanks Marie for your vote of confidence! I hope you have a terrific remaining of your day there. 🙂 Michael

  2. Judy Hart

    Thanks Mikey for the Crochet Circle to Square Transition Worksheet.
    I have struggled with this a few times, and never could figure it out. I have to have patterns to follow, don’t do much using video’s.
    Thanks to you and all the gang that creates all these free patterns, diagrams, videos, and offers help to us out here following you.

  3. Susan

    Hi Mikey,
    Do you have a software you use to make your diagrams from a written pattern? For the life of me I cannot read a pattern but I can follow the diagrams with no problem. I’m seeing so many cute things I want to try and crochet but am unable to do bc there is no diagram.

    • Mikey

      We use Adobe Illustrator. You have to draw the symbols first, then paste and copy them into lines or circles.

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