Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket Pattern

Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket
Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket
Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket

The Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket is using Bernat Freesia yarn. The boucle based yarn provides the soft comfort and warmth of wool.

The boucle is tight to the core in this yarn, therefore, frogging is easy to do if you make an error.

I have made up a crochet diagram for you to use for your enjoyment of this. Follow the written instructions for the pattern striping sequence.

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Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Foamy Waves Blanket

Crochet Diagram

Click the picture to save or print the diagram to follow.

Crochet Foamy Wave Blanket Rev 3
Crochet Foamy Wave Blanket Rev 3


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  1. Mary

    Hello Mikey, Hope you are staying safe and well. I have a question, the diagram of the set-up row shows skipping 2 chain between the 3 sets of 2dctog in the valleys. The written instructions and your videos do not skip these chains. But the count to the center of the valley is 17 with the skipped ones. So just wanna do it right……..
    Thanks for all your work, play, and creativity. You mean a lot to a lot of us!

    • Mikey

      The one leg of both sides of the valley needs to be pushed over more I suppose. The beginning chain doesn’t have skipped chains. I’m sorry for not drawing it so well.

      • Mary

        No, Mikey, I just read it wrong!!! Sorry for the aggravation, it is obvious now you tell me that there are 2 chains in each of those 2dctog. I am gonna blame “old” eyes. Thanks again for all you do for me and the rest of the Crowd. GOD bless.

      • those cheeky eyes playing tricks on us as we gain years, mine do it all the time, worse when I don’t put my glasses on haha

      • Mary

        No, Mikey, that was my mistake!!!! I just looked at it again and it is drawn very well, there are obviously 2 chains for each of the 2dctog. Duh! I am gonna blame it on “old” eyes. Thanks again for all y ou do for me and the rest of the Crowd. Bless your heart and hands.

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