Crochet Granny Sweet Hearts Pattern

Granny Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

Granny Sweet Hearts Crochet Pattern

Granny Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern
Granny Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

I accidentally stumbled across this Granny Sweet Heart Pattern that is free on Ravelry.

Okay, many times I look at a pattern and say, ‘Oh that’s super!’ but then there are patterns like this one. The hamburger lights shine over it and it’s all I can see. I am tunnel visioning myself hooking these up. Suddenly, I can clear my schedule and run for my hook and yarn. It’s like “Do not check email, do not quickly check Facebook, run, grab the yarn and plop me in the chair and starting hooking like crazy.”

Oh Yes my friends, I got hooked on this pattern. While I am doing this for my Pinky Boots Sculpture, this pattern wowed me to the point where nothing in life existed but my crochet hook, yarn and this pattern. How terrible am I?

This pattern is a free pattern and is super easy to follow. May I be bold enough to say one of the nicest crochet heart motifs I have ever seen. Well you know, until I see another one in the future that trumps this one but for now, this is ‘the one’ that has heavenly angel sounds as I look at it.

This pattern goes pretty quick so I don’t have to get numb butt from sitting too long with these. Nor do I get bored with the pattern. It’s just that right mix of easy, interesting and dancing the samba at the same time.

So I have been choosing between 8 colours but there is a commonality in the colours that I think are getting me to be addicted.

Round 4 is white and so is the final round. That is partially to blame for being ‘oh so fabulous’. The other commonality is that the very centre round and the 5th round are identical in colour as well. So where my colours vary is on rounds 2, 3 and 6.

Okay, so while I know others will have an opinion. I’ve not yet crocheted a heart that I haven’t absolutely adored. I look at it when I am done and take a few minutes to appreciate it. That’s unlike me. That’s how I know I am hooked.

They are a fair size and I think they would make a nice gift. Possible a fridge magnet idea or something decorative for your home.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Granny Sweet Hearts Crochet Pattern

So I am hooked, admitting it and, of course, sharing the pattern with you. Maybe you might have it light up and sign angel songs to you too? Who knows… I am a little strange. Ah, what the hell, a little strong… Maybe a strong candidate for a ‘wack job’!

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  1. Cheryl

    March 12th, 2021.. Article appears but no link to “amazing”, ” addicting”, “beautiful” heart-granny square?? 😢😢😭😢😢

    • Could you post your question on the article? I’m not sure which one you are referring to. This post from Feb 9th does have a link.

  2. This heart pattern is SO adorable! I love how it elaborates on the traditional heart design to make something fun to crochet and awesome in looks! They are great in goody bags or as little stocking stuffers. I will be making a whole basket of these!


    Granny sweetheart is not working. when you click on the link it goes to a 404 error

      • Terri Moschetto

        As of today, Feb. 9th, the link is working, although the link in her blog post to her chart diagram is not working. However, if you scroll down to “Popular Posts” on the right and can click on the “Chart for Granny Sweet Hearts” you’ll find a very lovely diagram.

    • Mikey

      It appears to have been removed from the site I was referring to. I will turn off this post to avoid misdirecting anyone further. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I LOVE these and just finished making one. I am not yet able to create a pattern for a blanket that I could use these for. I like to consider myself as creative, but am having trouble coming up with a use for these individually. So far the only thing I can think of is how to make a scarf from several. I am looking forward to seeing if and what ideas you come up with to use these granny hearts.

  5. Thank you, Mikey, for all your kind words about my pattern. I’m beyond pleased that you like it. I’m one of your loyal followers here and on FB. I love your CALs and especially your videos. I can’t tell you how many times you have made me smile and brightened my day. Thanks again.
    Nancy Drew

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