Crochet Round About Coasters
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Crochet Round About Coasters
Crochet Round About Coasters

Crochet Round About Coasters

Try these new cute little Crochet Coasters called Round About. These are just simple circles using half double crochet with a stripe of colour added. There are only 5 rounds with the 4th round having the splash of colour.

These are a great idea. For myself, I have this silly thing I don’t like to put down a cup on a surface without something under it. So for me, it satisfies this need to keep my mind balanced.

If doing coasters, make sure you use 100% cotton, like Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn. It is 100% cotton. It’s a natural product that is grown in the USA. Supporting American and Canadian Jobs.

If you need extra help, I have provided a tutorial to help you.

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Crochet Round About Coasters Pattern


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