Randomize by Color for Crochet Motifs

Randomize by Color for Crochet Motifs

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How to Be Random with Crochet Motifs

How to Be Random with Crochet Motifs

How to Randomize Colours in Crochet Motifs

To be truly random must allow your mind to open and for possibilities of colour combinations to unfold before your eyes. For many of us, this is where we struggle when we see colour combinations that are not working together so well.

The true struggle is to figure out which colours work together the best. Your goal is not to have a repeating colour, for example, a motif not to have the same colour used more than once unless you are intending for that to happen.

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Color Combo Mathematics

The more colours you play with, the exponential of colour opportunities exist.

  • 2 Colours = 2 Combos
  • 3 Colours = 6 Combos
  • 4 Colours = 24 Combos
  • 5 Colours = 120 Combos
  • 6 Colours = 720 Combos
  • 7 Colours = 5040 Combos

Set Up – Example Using 7 Colours (shown in tutorial)

Figure out how many motifs you want to make in a blanket. My case is 50 motifs.

  • 50 motifs / 7 colours = 7 motifs
  • 7 motifs x 7 colours = 49. So 1 pile has to have 8 motifs in it.

Crochet 7 – Rnd 1 Motifs of each colour. Keep them together to reshuffle for the next round.

Randomizing Crochet Motif Colors

Randomizing Crochet Motif Colors

Shuffle Up the 7 Piles into A New Pile of 7

Randomizing Crochet Motif Colors

Randomizing Crochet Motif Colors. Reshuffle into the new piles where a colour doesn’t exist. The top green one has no light blue in that pile. So that pile will all be light blue for the next round.

Shuffle Up the 7 Piles into A New Pile of 7

Randomizing Crochet Motif Colors

Randomizing Crochet Motif Colors. Randomly select another 7 from this selection where a colour doesn’t exist.

Colour Motif Box Reshuffled

Colour Motif Box Reshuffled. The box now has the 7 piles. I left a spare strand on top of each pile to tell me which colour is going to be applied to that new pile.


It’s best to sort before you begin to crochet a round. As you see in the end of the tutorial, by randomly selected, the final pile may not work. So you may need to reach into your box and switch out motifs to prevent duplication of colours. By pre-sorting, you see this before you begin so it doesn’t become a problem to wreck your goals.


Colour Combinations

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