Crochet Remembrance Poppy Pattern

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Crochet Remembrance Poppies Pattern and Video Tutorial

Remembrance Flowers

It’s that time of year again where it’s time to wear your support for Remembrance Day.

This is the free pattern for the Crochet Remembrance Poppy.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Remembrance Poppy

Needed Materials

Size 5.0 mm  – 5.5 mm or J Size Hook

Bernat Super Value Yarn


CH = Chain, SL = Slip Stitch, SC = Single Crochet, TR = Triple Crochet,


  1. Using black, create slip knot and chain 2.
  2. SC into the beginning stitch 12 times to form a circle. SL to the beginning SC of this rotation. Fasten black off.
  3. Cast on red. *CH 4, TR 3 times into the base of the Chain 4, then CH 4 and SL to the next stitch on the circle. Repeat from * all the way around. You will have 6 petals.
  4. Fasten off red and weave in ends.
  5. With a safety pin, you can mount the poppy onto it and then fasten it to your clothing safely.
Picture shows with the ends dangling. That is an artist choice. You can either cut them off or leave them hanging.

The freedom we have today is due in part to our ancestors of yesteryear.

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  1. bcsugar

    Mikey, the page to the poppy pattern isn’t linked any more… 🙁 Any chance of fixing this, or posting a new link?

  2. Celeste Jordan

    I used this tutorial to make almost 100 poppies for my school’s Veterans’ Day assembly and they were a huge hit. Now, to make 200 for 2015.

  3. God bless you for sharing your Talents. And yes, so far, you’ve never been “out to lunch”.

  4. Trish

    Thanks for the pattern. My 90 year old Dad still collects donations for the VFW and Am Vets.

  5. Beverly Childress

    I second that Maggie. As a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, I have braved the cold, standing out looking for donations, but do it willingly for the Brave men and women who fight for their country. Hopefully a number of the members will make these poppies for various projects.

  6. Maggi

    I have one that I made years ago, and lost the pattern. Thanks for this. Please, though, drop some money in a poppy box – the money goes to the vets.

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