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Reviewing Patterns to Help Others
Pattern Reviews on Each Pattern
Pattern Reviews on Each Pattern

A couple of years ago, Yarnspirations did an upgrade to their site which included pattern reviews of each of their patterns.

There is also the ability to ask questions that get documented for others to see as well. Myself, I have used this section a few times when I am struggling to see if someone else had the same problem. In one case, the problem was discovered by another person and Yarnspirations acknowledged saying the design would go back to Design Team for review. Which it did and the pattern was revised.

Your reviews can make a difference in the enjoyment of another crafter.

The public, us, become the final testers if you think about it. Though the patterns are tested, everyone in the chain is human that can make mistakes.

Your Input Makes A Difference

Reviewing Patterns to Help Others
Reviewing Patterns to Help Others

When you review and after Yarnspirations has a real pair of eyes review your thoughts and/or answer your questions, you will see the home page has an update that shows up for everyone else to see.

  • You can rate between 1 to 5 stars about the project.
  • You can leave a thought about your review on why you ranked it to the stars you did.
  • If you have questions, you can leave your question and a human customer service agent will answer back.

To be eligible to review, you have to have a real email address. This stops spammers from inserting in fake reviews or comments.

The Blanket Above

Pattern Reviews by the Public
Pattern Reviews by the Public

This has no reviews yet but has 1 question as you can see. Simply click over to questions to see what others have asked. In this case, the person is questioning about the lack of availability of yarn and Yarnspirations has suggested alternative locations to check stock as their warehouse for online shipping is sold out.

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