Red Heart Super Saver Metallic Yarn

Red Heart Super Saver Metallic Yarn
Red Heart Super Saver Metallic Yarn
Red Heart Super Saver Metallic Yarn

Red Heart Super Saver Metallic Yarn

New to the Red Heart Super Saver family of yarn is an extension called Red Heart Super Saver Metallic. Found in Walmart USA available in only 6 colours.

It’s the new type of shiny filament that doesn’t have the scratch element to it. From either gold or silver shiny filaments with a base colour of white, light grey, black, fuchsia or red.

It’s 98% acrylic with 2% other fiber (aka shiny filament)

For those looking for a bit of sparkle in your life. This may be up your alley.

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May be coming in the future.

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  1. Debra Chadwick

    Hi I am looking to see who sells the red heart super saver yarn as I am looking for multi color 958 Grape Ivy. Would appreciate any help you can give me.

  2. I have purchased the ‘Red Heart Super Saver Metallic’, in black and grey. I AM MOST PLEASED!!! There is A LOT of bang for our buck(s) packaged within. I managed two hats per color (so far), with enough yarn left, to produce another hat with the remaining yarn. If anyone is on the fence regarding purchasing this yarn,
    I’ll say, “this yarn is definitely worth giving a try, especially for the price!!”

    One Happy Crocheter
    Katrina Lee

  3. Ann

    I don’t know if I am in the right area,but I was looking for an Afghan pattern using
    Red Heart Black Metallic with the other color being a solid black. Could you please help me. Thank you.

    • Mikey

      You are looking for a pattern for Red Heart Black Metallic?

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