Crochet Granny Square Colour Pattern Generator

Granny Colour Pattern Generator
Granny Colour Pattern Generator
Granny Colour Pattern Generator

Crochet Granny Square Colour Pattern Generator

A fun finds online is the Crochet Granny Square Colour Pattern Generator by Melissa Avery-Weir. It is so easy and interesting to watch it generate the next newest pattern you may have kicking around in your head.

You will tell the generator how many squares you want in the width and height of your afghan. Then, it will ask you how many colours you are planning on doing.

Then you go down and select a colour. You have to ADD more colours. You can get close to your colours by sliding the colour bar. Once all of your colours are in, hit that generate button and your new colour layout is available.

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Granny Colour Pattern Generator Pattern

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Couple Side Notes

The generator isn’t for telling you the instructions round by round. So the generator didn’t ask you how many rounds are in each blanket. I would assume you are using a different colour for each round but you can also improvise. In the sample picture, I could state to yourself, 2 rounds = 1 colour and so on. So be creative.

If you wanted your square to all look the same, then the generator isn’t needed. However, if you want to be outside the box, sort of speak, with colour combos, you can generate the layout. Print it and save it.


I think it’s pretty stinking awesome! It loves this as I struggle with being little nuts with my colours to be laid out. This helps guide me to be random without hurting my brain to do it. 🙂 It’s so great!

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    1. I am contemplating doing a ripple stitch afghan with approx 3 rows of granny squares integrated into it. I have seen 1 pattern similar to what I want to make but the designer made it in sections and then joined them. Am I correct in thinking that if the number of stitches on the sides of the granny square match the number of stitches in the up and down in the ripple—then it should be able to be made in one piece? This is just something I am knocking around in my head and haven’t attempted it yet—although my squares are made and I know what colors I want to use. I hope you can understand what I am wanting to do as I would love your expert advice and input on this project. I know you are soooo busy and appreciate you even reading my crazy idea. TIA

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