Crochet Pineapple Shawl Pattern

Crochet Soft Pineapple Shawl
Crochet Soft Pineapple Shawl
Crochet Soft Pineapple Shawl

Crochet Simply Soft Pineapple Shawl

This is the Soft Pineapple Shawl, an adaptation to the Crochet Lace Pineapple Shawl by Yarnspirations. Using Caron Simply Soft, I adapted the pattern so you can use one of America’s leading brands of yarns if crochet thread isn’t your thing.

This pattern is spectacular in every way. I have provided, through Yarnspirations, a diagram for those who need a visual road map on where to go in the pattern. Once worn, the pineapples will hang with easy and the magic of your incredible stitchwork will be revealed.

Knowing this is an adaptation and using much thicker yarn than crochet thread, you will find this shawl will crochet up pretty quickly. It’s lacy, so there’s a lot of chain work that will speed you into warp crochet velocity when completing this pattern. I did my version in just one evening.

If you need further help, I have provided a tutorial for your convenience.

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Crochet Soft Pineapple Shawl Pattern

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  1. Melanie

    Thank you, Mikey! I had found the Pineapple shawl pattern the other day and checked out my yarn stash only to find the ‘perfect’ yarn was a 4 weight. I was just coming back in to ask how to adapt the pattern for that and I find that you have already done that. I think this will be gorgeous in Simply Soft sparkle gray.

    • Mikey

      Thank you sincerely for reviewing what we have already done in the past. It saves me so much time in research and communications. I super appreciate that. Enjoy the new project that you are working on.

  2. monwara miah

    if i need to make the shawl bigger what number of chains do i need to add can you please explain this to me by email thank you.

    • Myriam Kivimaki

      If you need to male the shawl loner you have to crochet multiples of 15 plus 5

  3. Lori S.

    Yay Mikey! I have been looking at this shawl and I can’t wait to make it. So glad you made a diagram for it. Although you made it in an evening, I know it will take me longer since you crochet at warp speed! Thank you (and your staff) for all of the hard work you do ! Remember to take time to stop and smell the roses!

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