Crochet All Ages Hat Pattern

Crochet Pebbled Charity Textured Hats

Crochet Pebble Textured Hats

Crochet Pebble Hats
Crochet Pebble Hats

The Crochet Pebble Texture Hats are sized in 3 different sizes. We have adults, kids of 6 – 8 years old and toddler of 2 – 4 years of age.

These hat patterns were used in the past for a past charity oriented project and the pattern has been revived again for the Caron Kindness yarn. The texture is highly desirable and thickens up the hat texture for more warmth.

There is 1 Different in the Tutorial Shown

Due to the gauge difference of Caron One Pound versus Caron Kindness, the tutorial shows the other pattern indicating it’s from 8 – 10 years of age. Caron Kindness is slightly thinner in strands, so the same written pattern produces a hat of 6 – 8 years instead.

I have carefully gone through the pattern for any differences in the written instructions, other than the sizing, and the information is the same. So, therefore, the tutorial shown is accurate.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Crochet Toddler to Adult Pebble Hat Pattern


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  1. Jessica

    I think my mind is playing tricks on me but I was following along with the pattern initially and then the video… I did all the same steps and watched Mikey do the steps but I ended up with 32 stitches in round 4 but the pattern says I should have 33. This is my second time around on this(I frogged after my stitches were off in round 5 to watch the video). I love this pattern and I want to finish it for my husband; please help!

  2. Sharon French

    Very nice hat pattern. Thank you for this very clear tutorial.

  3. Carrie Lumley

    love this one! It’s so pretty! Do you think the texture would be hard to see using variegated?

  4. Donanne Avery

    Sorry Mikey…might have missed it, but is there a printed pattern for this awesome hat? I looks super warm but need the printed words in front of me. Thanks so much.
    Donanne Avery,
    P.S. miss your chats and the fun things you do…

    • Click on the pink “Get Pattern” button to download the pattern from Yarnspirations.
      Mikey is still online, chatting on the Facebook page all the time and is quite active in our Stitch Social Facebook group.

  5. Robin Lloyd

    thank you for always looking after your fans Mikey – I have so many projects on the go right now – but I will definitely be putting this one on my list of to do’s 🙂 you are so very talented – thank you for sharing!!

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