240 Patterns – 2020 Annual Gift Guide

Annual Crochet and Knit Pattern Gift Guide
Annual Crochet and Knit Pattern Gift Guide
Annual Crochet and Knit Pattern Gift Guide

The Crochet and Knit Annual Pattern Gift Guide is now out for 2020. Projects have been curated based on time and level of commitment. As the date marches towards Dec 25th and yarn lovers are completing the projects, time begins to run low.

For myself, I prioritize family and friends on a scale level of time commitment to a project. I’m not sure I should say the quiet part out loud like that but it’s realistic. A close person in my life will get something that I am ultimately proud of because it’s hard to part with something I seriously enjoy. For others, I know a scarf or cowl will do the trick for gift giving but is something I can quickly make for myself if I wanted one.

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Patterns: 240 Patterns for Knitters and Crocheters to Consider for Gift Giving

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  1. Belle Plummer

    It would be great to have patterns for the Jewish holidays.

    • Mikey

      There aren’t many patterns out there. Speaking with Jewish friends, it’s not a time to gift-give like the Christmas Holidays. Myself, I’m not Jewish and not part of the culture to design or suggest items for this occasion. There are some cultures, where it’s inappropriate to design and create patterns when the designer isn’t part of the culture itself. Here in Canada, it’s inappropriate for me to design or teach anything that has First Nations symbolism or references because I am not of First Nations. It’s considered disrespectful and taboo. I consider this to be the same with the Jewish and Christian cultures as well. I haven’t ever designed anything with angels or crosses because I am not a Christian follower and it would be disrespectful for me to do that as well.

      I totally get what you are saying, as there isn’t a lot of designs out there. Lion Brand’s ownership is part of the Jewish culture. They are strong followers of the culture and their website doesn’t have anything like this. This suggests to me there has to be a bigger reason why patterns are not developed for this occasion. I don’t really know but if any yarn company is going to have a big selection for this occasion, it would be them and it’s not on there.

      Not everyone is the same or follows the cultures in the same manner. You could always lead and design something possibly, you may be part of this culture and have the ability to understand the symbolism, colours and shapes.

  2. Pat Gilson

    Is there any way I can get a hard copy of the 2020 patterns as I don’t have a printer?
    I look forward to seeing your new Holiday Patterns.

    Thank You very much.

    224 Thor wood Dr. Apt. 211
    Greenville, TN 37745

    • Mikey

      You could download them and then do a transfer to your local print store through their website. That’s what I would do. We don’t offer printing and mailing services as you can do it much easier through your local print shop versus the mail services.

  3. Madolyn

    Great, thank you! I’m looking to find the red and white striped socks, shown on the page, where are they located? How’s the puppy doing? Need more photos!

    • Mikey

      If you can give me a few hours. I’m in the studio filming. I can look through the 240 items suggested and try to locate it for you. I just need time to circle back and search that for you.

    • Mikey

      The socks are knit and are on page 1 when you are looking at the collection on Yarnspirations.com.

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