Crochet Dueling Diamonds Mosaic Blanket

Crochet Dueling Diamonds Blanket
Crochet Dueling Diamonds Blanket
Crochet Dueling Diamonds Blanket

The Crochet Architect, Susan Lowman, has developed a new technique for mosaic crochet called Anchored Double Crochet Stitch. Shown in this amazing blanket.

The Crochet Dueling Diamonds Blanket is a paid pattern and doesn’t it look amazing. Susan has figured it out in a small 35″ across or large of 45″ wide. It’s really an outstanding example of creativity. However, Susan has given more details so you can customize it even further. Horray for options, EH!

Though it appears like a wave afghan, it’s just an illusion using the mosaic techniques. Susan’s continuous overlay technique is also demonstrated below.

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Paid Pattern: Crochet Dueling Diamonds Blanket


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  1. SandyB

    Unbelievable- I have that SAME musical teddy bear! Mine is at least 35 years old because I used it with my first born. 🙂

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