Crochet Wedding Umbrella Pattern

Crochet Shade Umbrella
Crochetg Wedding Umbrella Pattern
How to Crochet an Umbrella

How To Crochet A Wedding Umbrella

In completing a Shade Umbrella, many viewers commented that the original shade umbrella should be made for a wedding. Captivated by the challenge, I reconstructed the umbrella using the same pattern but used Red Heart Shimmer Yarn. The yarn is thinner and takes a bit longer to grow the umbrella. This forced me to improvise on the edging which really worked out well.  

If you click Read More, I will show you the steps I did to create a Crochet Umbrella. It’s not meant to protect you from the rain and is an artistic approach to an umbrella that is unique and a conversational piece. Images used for the tutorial below are the same as the Shade Umbrella as the procedures are identical. 

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Learn how to crochet an umbrella
Crochet Umbrella 

Find an Umbrella Frame

  • Find an umbrella that you are okay with removing the cover from the frame. I suggest Walmart. Check the purse and accessory section of your local Walmart. These little umbrellas are about $5.00 and are under the label of Rainstoppers. 

Remove the Cover from the Frame

  • Removing the cover is up to you. You may have a cover colour that you can work with. Knowing what colours I wanted, the original cover wasn’t going to work colour wise or to what I envisioned for the final look. I might have left it on if the covering with a sheer white or clear. 
  • Using an Exacto blade. Carefully cut the strings that tie the umbrella cover to the holes in the plastic area at the end of the wires. Do not cut off the plastic sections and try your best not to scuff up the plastic as it will be visible. 
  • The cover is also attached halfway to the centre point. Very carefully cut those strings free of the frame.
  • Finally, cut the cover free of the tip. The plastic is glued heavily and will not pop off to slide off the cover. 

How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions

Cut the strings that are holding the cover in position. Then cut the strings in the middle of the wire to remove the cover. Do this for all prongs.

How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions

Then carefully cut the cover from the top of the umbrella. Then remove the cover completely. You will notice the cover doesn’t sit flat as the wedges are designed to have a bend when the umbrella is opened.

Crochet a New Cover

I used this Pineapple Symphony Pattern to create the cover for my umbrella.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Crochet Pineapple Symphony Pattern

Here are a few tips:

  • I chose this pattern because it had 8 sides that matched the number of prongs on my umbrella. If your umbrella has more or less, you have to use a doily or pattern that has a matching number of sides. 
  • Choose a pattern that has a minimum of 16 or higher Double Crochets around the centre ring so you can wrap comfortably around the tip of the umbrella. You will use a Magic Circle instead so you can pull it tight around the tip of the umbrella when you are ready to mount. 
  • When you increase a crochet hook and thickness of yarn, you automatically will increase the size of the doily. In my case, I increased the crochet hook to Size H, 5.0 MM. I used Red Heart Boutique Treasure Yarn as my yarn choice. This automatically dramatically increased the size of the project. 
  • For the record, you cannot see the pineapple in my project because I stopped earlier and improvised the edging with double crochet to make the edging solid. Which brings me to my point, if you chose a doily, you may not be able to complete the entire project before getting to the size you need. 
  • When choosing my pattern, if you see where the metal prongs are. I wanted to pattern that could comfortably sit over the prongs and somewhat hide them. If you notice between 8 of the sections, there is a ‘shell’ design in the pattern that does a terrific job of this. 

How Do You Know When You Are Done the Crochet Cover?

  • The crochet umbrella must be able to pull snug all the way around. 
  • If you are too loose, the umbrella will appear sloppy and the material will sag between the prongs. 
  • This is a bit of trial and error to find that ring sizing. 

How to Mount on The New Cover

  • Slide the centre hole over the top of the umbrella centre point. Using the magic circle string, pull the centre tight around the top of the umbrella. 
  • Stretch the tips of the material one by one to the points of each prong. Begin sewing the tips of the cover to the holes that are in the plastic at the end of each prong. 
  • I didn’t fasten on the cover at the halfway point like the original cover. I didn’t think it was necessary. 
How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions
Slide the middle hole over the top of the umbrella. Using the magic circle string, pull tight around the tip. 
How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions
Using the holes at the end of the plastic area, sew the new cover so the tips are secured to this hole. 

Ready to Use

Your new umbrella is ready to go. Enjoy
How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions How to Crochet an Umbrella Instructions

Video Tutorial

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