Crochet Along Bernat Mystery Blanket Pattern

Mystery Bernat Blanket

Crochet Bernat Blanket Stitch Along

Bernat Blanket Mystery Blanket 2
Crochet Bernat Blanket

A Crochet Bernat Mystery Blanket beautiful multi-week tutorial that makes you expand your stitches. This Stitch Along is complete. In 2019, I am still using this blanket to keep me cozy in front of the TV.

Bernat Blanket Yarn is a product that lasts for years and years if you treat it right. Here in Nova Scotia, it’s completely appropriate to have one that will keep you warm in the winter months.

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Crochet Bernat Blanket Pattern

I think you will end up with a beautiful example just like you see in the photo. It doesn’t take long using Bernat Blanket yarn.

Over 400 examples of finished in our Crochet Bernat Blanket Gallery.

Complete Tutorial

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  1. Jacqueline A Chesser

    Love your site and facebook follow you and your patterns making socks, sweater, hats and blankest from yarninspirations

  2. Patti Weller

    Good morning. Would this blanket pattern work okay if I used Joann’s Big twist yarn? I have a lot of that specific brand?

    • Mikey

      You can substitute yes. The afghan will be smaller assuming it’s a 4 ply Big Twist. I do know the JOANN BIG TWIST brand is their home yarn, so I am unsure if there are different thicknesses. You should be okay.

  3. Kayla Semroc

    Is it possible to get the entire stitch graph for the afghan in one pdf? I am going to try and make this into a king sized comforter and it would be easiest to be able to view the whole stich chart for the blanket in one.

    • Mikey

      Evening Kayla. The designer hasn’t done that. Truthfully, I did a diagram today and only did 20 rows and it took me 10 hours. I’m not skilled enough to jig up a diagram for you. I’m sorry. It’s beyond what I am capable of doing. I’m sorry.

  4. Rita

    Beautiful,Reminds Me of Victorian Cameos

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