Lion Brand Health
Lion Brand Health
Lion Brand Health Benefits to Yarn Crafting by Kathryn Vercillo.

Health Benefits with Yarn

We all know that crochet and knitting have fabulous health benefits. Kathryn Vercillo wrote a blog that appears on Lion Brand’s Website titled 10 Most Important Health Benefits of Yarn Crafting.

I didn’t expect to read anything that I didn’t already know about but boy oh boy, was I surprised!

Crafting helps reduce and postpone dementia! Wow! That was really interesting as I guess it makes sense with the usage of memory for counting stitches and pattern recollection when working on projects.

This is a worthwhile read! Read the 10 Most Important Health Benefits of Yarn Crafting. While others may tell you that crochet and knitting are a waste of time, in their opinion of course. You can clearly tell them the benefits of it. In today’s restless society, we need this more and more to slow us down.

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7 thoughts on “10 Most Important Health Benefits

  1. Hello:
    Anxious to read this article and forward on to other crafters. I can see the 3 or 4 paragraphs for article promo/introduction and the comments. But, where are the 10 most important health benefits? Clicked on the link which took me right back to this intro. Clicked on photo which opened another screen with just the photo.

  2. I just love to crochet. My parents say I’m probably the only 16 year old in my town that is so interested in the different yarns and stuff I can make. And I will say ever since Iv been crocheting my stress and depression is gone. Because I put all of my feelings into my work I’m working on. And if I get mad or angry at someone I will go and calm down by crocheting. I am currently working on my granny square throw and trying to teach my dad that has lung cancer how to try to crochet and it is just so much fun to do with him. 🙂

  3. Hi, Michael!
    Decades back my handicraft teacher at school told me, I am totally untalented to do anything and I believed her until I retired. Only then (!) I found out, she was wrong and I enjoy stitching, knitting, crocheting, cardmaking and many other handicrafts and often think back, how unhappy I felt in every of her lessons. I enjoy reading your articles, have found so many useful hints on your page and in your video tutorials and being able to create something makes my life really different. Thank you!

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