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Lion Brand Health
Lion Brand Health Benefits to Yarn Crafting by Kathryn Vercillo.

Health Benefits with Yarn

We all know that crochet and knitting has fabulous health benefits. Kathryn Vercillo wrote a blog that appears on Lion Brand’s Website titled 10 Most Important Health Benefits¬† of Yarn Crafting.

I didn’t expect to read anything that I didn’t already know about but boy oh boy, was I surprised!

Crafting helps reduce and postpone dementia! Wow! That was really interesting as I guess it makes sense with the usage of memory for counting stitches and pattern recollection when working on projects.

This is a worthwhile read! Read the 10 Most Important Health Benefits of Yarn Crafting. While others may tell you that crochet and knitting is a waste of time, in their opinion of course. You can clearly tell them the benefits of it. In today’s restless society, we need this more and more to slow us down.