Crochet Crystal Ice Hat Pattern

Crochet Crystal Ice Hat Pattern

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Try the Crystal Ice Hats

Crochet Crystal Ice Hat

Crochet Crystal Ice Hat

Introducing the Crystal Ice Hats by Schachemayr Yarns. This clever design is a lot simpler than it looks. I love how it looks more complicated than it really is.

This pattern can be adapted to change sizes by chaining the starting chain that wraps around your forehead. Keep the chain in sets of 5 and you will end up with a perfectly fitting hat. The final three rounds of the hat are the decreasing rounds which can be done in virtually any size as the top of the hat is bunched up and sewn together.

The zigzag effect is just an optical illusion formed by front post treble crochets that come down over two rows and connected to the next row with the same colour. It makes it appear that you have had to crochet on a zigzag formation but that’s where the fun is.

With the brim using a Camel Stitch, you will notice that the brim will have nearly a double thickness to it. This is perfect for those, like me, who live in cold regions of the world.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Crystal Ice Hat

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Video Tutorial

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20 thoughts on “Crochet Crystal Ice Hat Pattern”

  1. Melanie Gilbert says:

    Did you have a written pattern and if i want To make less rounds should i do 5 rounds less cause its à multiple of 5

    1. Marina King says:

      Sorry, we no longer have access to this pattern. Where it was being provided from is no longer in business.

  2. Halee says:

    Pattern links are fine.

    1. Melanie Gilbert says:

      If i want To make less rounds or a hat who will be not so night should i make 5 less rounds

      1. Marina King says:

        I’m not sure what you’re asking, do you want it tighter or shorter? 5 less rounds will make it shorter.

  3. Donya Wesnoski says:

    I’m so glad there are more experienced crocheters than I am. The tip about carrying the yarn up is going to make things a lot easier/cleaner instead of having to deal with the stragglers. Thank you Judy and Jennifer. Now I just have to wait til I have a few extra bucks to get the yarn and I’ll be making this.

  4. JB says:

    I have lost the use of my crocheting hand thumb. Trying to figure how to hold the hooks and can’t figure it yet. Any photos for suggestions?

    1. Yes… we have tutorials on that… Crochet Workshop on YouTube.

  5. hooziegSue G says:

    I see only two left hand videos. No right hand. Can you post the right hand video please? Thanks!

  6. Juliana Carney says:

    Love the Crystal Ice Hat tutorial Hat pattern – just wish there was one for fingerless gloves too in same pattern.

    1. irmar says:

      Fingerless gloves are a tube, just like the hat. A tube with a hole somewhere.
      It’s easy. The only difficult part is that a multiple of 5 could be too tight or too lose for your hand. If you find a yarn and hook where a multiple of 5 is exactly the size you want, then you’re good.

  7. Paulina says:

    Woww thanks 🙂

  8. Judy Btwo says:

    I made this hat and it was quite easy. The only thing I did different was to carry my colors up instead of cutting them for each row.

    1. I carried my colors up too. Much easier!

  9. Marilyn Everingham says:

    I don’t think I ever really understood the back loop to crochet into. It is a lot harder than you make it seem which makes,me believe I’m just not doing it correctly. The finished product looks fine, but it is time-consuming and annoying to constantly fish around for a place the hook fits for the next crochet stitch.

    1. Denise says:

      Marilyn, I think you are making it harder than it is. When doing a normal crochet stitch, you are inserting through two, loops. As you insert, you will pass through first the front loop, then the back loop, then yarn over and pull through two loops. For a back loop only, you simply avoid that front loop and grab ONLY the back loop, yarn over and pull through exactly as if you had grabbed both loops. It really is easy. Here’s a video Mikey di about front and back loop and front and back post stitching. Hope it helps.

  10. Kathy Meck says:

    This pattern calls for carrying your yarn along, I would love to know how to do this! The video does not show this! Help!

    1. Terry says:

      A cute hat, but was looking to make in team colors (2)l. Made a sample of 5 repeats and it looked cool, but wanted it to go with the V stitch wristlets so ultimately went with that. I did alternating rows and carried the yarn. But the drop down was always worked in the front loop of the other color. Suppose I could have just done a DC instead of a TC and only gone down to the next row.

    2. Terry says:

      Just drop the color rather than cut. Do not work the ‘straggler’ as Mikey does. When it is time to reuse the color, bring it up and treat it like Mikey does except there will not be a straggler. Look at the tutorial for the V stitch Wristlets. Mikey carries the yarn through in that one.

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