Loom Knit: Binding Off Technique

Loom Knit Bind Off
Loom Knit Bind Off
Loom Knit Bind Off

Binding off in loom knitting is a way to keep the project open at the top. Shown here in the round loom.

The biggest tip is to watch the tension of the yarn, you want to be relaxed in this process and you can bind off and make it so it has no give and doesn’t look like the beginning round. When you see it here. you can see I’m a little too tight. So take what you see as a lesson.

You will methodically knit and move loops from one to the other during the process.

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How to Cast Off With Hat

The stitches are gathered and pulled shut.

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  1. Lin

    I am trying tk bind off a premie blanket from an s loom. Do you (please) have a video help for that?

    • Mikey

      Not specifically for a baby blanket on an s loom. I would use a stretchy bind off method that we do have.

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