12 Gift Choices by Sarah Zimmerman

12 Gift Choices by Sarah Zimmerman
Crochet Mommy and Me Messy Bun Hats
Crochet Mommy and Me Messy Bun Hats by Repeat Crafter Me

Sarah Zimmerman known under the brand name of Repeat Crafter Me has me stunned from week to week throughout the year on what she is capable of doing to make simple things really cute.

Over the years, we have been watching her family grow older as I think a strong influence is her children.

Back Story

I met Sarah back a few years ago. Man, she makes me laugh and over the years, we can speak bluntly and get to the point without a lot of fluff.

I am in awe of her skill level and capability of designing. I mean, give her a topic and suddenly, you have the most adorable thing with it. Like, how is that even possible?

We met for dinner and it’s nearly 9 pm and so I get this bright idea that we should go to Niagara Falls from Toronto, Ontario Canada. She’s never been before. We finally got our act together and ended up at the falls at Midnight, meanwhile, we have our meetings with Yarnspirations for the entire day starting in the morning. So spontaneous and it was fun.

I sat with her on the couch the next day after a long day of meetings. She crochets so fast and makes C2C Graphghan work look like a walk in the park. I mean seriously, come on gurl! haha

The thing I learned about Sarah the most was her love for her family. She was missing her children even though away for a couple days. Like any good Canadian, we hooked up Sarah to take back Ketchup Chips and Smarties that are iconic goodies for her kids back at home from Canada.

Here’s a fabulous example of Sarah doing a step-out tutorial for her Moose Crochet Hat pattern.

The Differences of Stitch Ambassadors

Crochet Rudolph Slipper Socks by Repeat Crafter Me
Crochet Rudolph Slipper Socks by Repeat Crafter Me

All of the Stitch Ambassadors have a unique role with Yarnspirations. The Crochet Crowd, us, stays only in the crochet. Sarah makes magic with her hook and has this quick ability to design quality projects that really can lift a child’s spirits. It’s her superpower.

I think truthfully, Sarah would prefer to stay behind the camera and let her design ability be her showcase feature. However, her pleasant smile and projects are contagious and are a joy to see her.

We recently had a music competition that wasn’t ever meant to happen but her son sang an O’Go song after I did one and the battle royal was on.

I came back at her with a new O’Go song. 

She hit really deep with the final song which The Crochet Crowd claimed defeated. She knew that Daniel’s worse song is Sweet Caroline. We were devastated! You cannot get much lower than that! She won!

In the end, you can tell Sarah and I are here for the fun and inspiring you with creativity.

Like the other hosts such as Jonah, Tiffany & Hannah, Tamara and Marly, we each present our skills in a unique way for our own community base. Yarnspirations brings us together to continue our presentations with their support.

6 Choices Selected By Marly

Each Stitch Ambassador was asked to select as many choices for The Annual Holiday Guide 2021 that they felt their communities would enjoy. You can see all ambassador choices if you want to see approximately 880+ free patterns. I decided to select 6 that Saraha chose that you may be interested in. I’m going to stay on the crochet side of this because of our website and main genre. Click on the picture for those patterns.

  1. Santa’s Gift Basket Pattern
  2. Yarn Hat Ornament Pattern
  3. Chic Aviator Hats Pattern
  4. Snowy Owl Crochet Hat Pattern
  5. Red Heart Gingerbread House Throw Pattern
  6. Snowman Crochet Basket Pattern

The Christmas Blanket is actually 6-Day Kid Crochet Blanket by Betty McKnit. Betty has perfected the design concept in various different ways. Very much like Jeanne Steinhilber has perfected the Hugs & Kisses Stitch Concept.

Sarah Zimmerman Patterns

Sarah also has patterns on her website that I think you may be interested in. I personally selected these choices that you may have missed. Click on the picture for those patterns.

  1. Crochet Snowman Heads
  2. Corner to Corner Owl Blanket
  3. Crafted Gingerbread and Santa Wreaths
  4. Crochet Gingerbread Girl’s Dress
  5. Coasters Crocheted for Holidays
  6. Crochet Christmas Tote Bags

More Ideas

  1. Satisfying Crochet Shell Stitch Blanket
  2. The Worst Crochet Tutorials of 2021
  3. The Crochet Study of Possibilities Throw
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