The Crochet Crowd Worst Tutorials of 2021

Crochet Horizontal Beginner Scarf
Crochet Horizontal Beginner Scarf
Crochet Horizontal Beginner Scarf

Guessing what crocheters want isn’t always the best decision. Things I get excited about skid into the gutter quickly after release.

Judging by the face of this model, I totally deserved it! haha

In my defence, some of these projects were testers to see if the crocheters were going to like the ideas. I use the video views to tell me if I am on to something if I am guessing. Sometimes, I am filling a void in the content of something we are missing.

It’s okay to admit it, some of these are really stinky!

Gallery of Skid Out of Control Tutorials

You can click on the projects to see more if you want to turn up your lip and agree.

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  1. Laurie Mathews

    I love the crochet Flora Afghan pattern/video!!!

  2. Cecilia Young

    I’m not really into wreaths, but I like the eggs on the Easter Egg Wreath. I will make them to hang on my mini pine tree for Easter.

  3. Linda Kelly

    I am just starting Study of the journey pattern from your book.
    I tell everyone about your videos and how you do them for left and right handed people.
    I live in Manchester England and I love all the fun and detail you put into everything you do.keep up the good wprk

  4. Maryw

    Mikey~Sometimes your comments are so funny. I enjoyed working a few of these projects. Thanks for teaching me how to crochet! I almost can’t believe I can do it. Your clear direction and left hand videos are the best!

  5. Karen Blair

    Berets are always in style. Even in hot places like FL where I live. I get compliments on my berets(I have oodles) all of the time and frequently asked for patterns.

  6. Jamey

    I love the sniffle stations!! I’m still working on the one I started last christmas!! Lol. Queen of wips!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  7. Patricia Dobson

    Very surprised on a few of these. Really loved the sniffle stations

  8. Karyl

    I thought the snowflakes were great, and I proudly hung the ONE I finished. I need to get excited about Christmas projects in MARCH! Or maybe have a countdown to Christmas CAL where each week is another snowflake or little ornamemt, ending after 50 items, all ready to hang on your tree! Well, honestly, I probably wouldn’t start until July, and by then be so far behind, I’d decide to just wait and start again the next year. But SOME folks might actually do it. Some folks would make six of each one each week and have one to save znd fi e to give as special Christmas. Andsoe of us will proudly hang our one beautiful snowflake each year…

  9. Donna Korch

    I loved the flora afghan too. I also used some squares to make other blankets.

  10. Darlene

    I cannot believe the Flora afghan is on the list! I loved that one, and got so many compliments from friends who saw it before it was donated. Loved the fall wreath too, it may have lost interest because it took a while for all the parts…I just make a playlist and saved until complete. Some of these weren’t really my thing (like the purple hat!), but I still watched the videos.

    I love all that you do for this community! Naysayers may just be having a bad day.

  11. G G

    Hi Mikey – I took second place at the local fair with the Flora Afghan. I learned a ton of new techniques and really stretched myself to complete it! Thank you for all you do, and for your commitment to making the patterns and videos free – love you!

  12. Laura McDonald

    I LOVED the Flora Afghan! I had so much fun making it.

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