Crochet Hugs & Kisses Around the Block Pattern

Hugs and Kisses Around the Block
Crochet Hugs & Kisses Around the Block by Jeanne Steinhilber
Crochet Hugs & Kisses Around the Block by Jeanne Steinhilber

Crochet Hugs + Kisses Around the Block

Introducing, the 5th in the Hugs & Kisses series of patterns.  This pretty lapghan size blanket is just perfect for a chilly afternoon to snuggle under, with a cup of tea and a good book.

Hugs & Kisses Around the Block is the rectangle from the middle version of the design that consists of X’s and O’s to represent the Hugs & Kisses.  I used 3 Caron Big Cakes to crochet this blanket.  You can use your favorite yarn, make it bigger or smaller.  You are the artist.

Free Pattern: Hugs & Kisses All Around the Block

CLICK HERE to download the pattern.


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  1. Debra

    ok am i just dense or what?i’m on row 5 of this pattern and the numbers are NOT adding up for says to have 88 sc on row 4 which i have,then on row 5 the repeat is hdc,pc,hdc ok i got that but the stitch count is 28 pc and 68 hdc. HOW!? there is no way to have just 10 pc per side and 4 on either end without skipping stitches.please help

    • Jeanne

      The repeat is hdc, pc, hdc… so there will be 2 hdc between each pc. hdc, pc, hdc, hdc, pc, hdc, hdc, pc, hdc… etc.

  2. Jeanne,
    Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I will try to soldier on and finish the Hugs and Kisses Around the Block. Fortunately it wasn’t for anyone particular. I do know how to fake a stitch…lol.


  3. Barbara Mizelle

    Do you have a diagram that shows the stitch count Per side by Row

    • Morning Barbara? Are you just wanting a spreadsheet of numbers or a crochet diagram? I’m not quite sure.

      • I would love a crochet diagram. I am having a difficult time figuring out how many Xs and Os there are in each row. I have been counting them on the picture with the pattern but I am far enough that I cant make out them anymore. Please send me a diagram that will answer my question. I dare not try to go any farther. I am on row 29 now and holding.
        Thanks, love, Pam

      • I think (not 100% Positive) that I saw that there is plans in the works to do a diagram, It will be a bit before it gets done because there are so many behind the scene steps to go through.

      • Thanks, Marina, guess it will get put on the back burner for awhile. Wasn’t doing it for anybody in particular so there is no real rush.

      • she put out one today for the chevron hugs and kisses I believe, maybe you could take a look at that one?

      • Maria, actually I am looking for row counts specifically for the Kisses and Hugs Around the Block. I am on row 29 and cant go any further without counts of Xs and PCs (popcorn stitches). Thanks tho.

      • oh crap, sorry, I do know they have been talking about diagrams, I just don’t know how far along in the planning they are right now, there is quite a few projects going on.

      • Barbara Mizelle

        Are you any closer to getting a diagram or row count stitches for “Hugs & Kisses Around the Block”. I know you are very busy but I would appreciate it. Thanks.
        I see that I am not the only person who is having problems with this pattern.

      • I know Daniel did the Hugs and Kisses for the Chevron. Let me ask Jeanne. I’m unsure if she did a rough diagram in her design notes.

      • Barbara Mizelle

        Mikey, A diagram would be nice, but I would settle for the total number of stiches per row, as designated in the Small and large Repeat. I had to frog almost my entire blanket because it got so out of “square”. Having just the count on the popcorn row is not very helpful.

      • Thanks. Leave it with me. It takes me about 5 – 8 hours to draw a diagram. I have to find that time in my schedule before I can commit to it. I’m not very fast the computerized diagram stuff.

    • Jeanne

      Barbara, I’m terribly sorry, but I do not. This was written a couple years ago and I do not still have the blanket.

      • Well shoot! I am on row 29 and cant go further without some row counts. I have been counting the Xs and 0s from the picture on the pattern but cant make them out now. Is there a formula you used to increase the size of the blanket? Almost anything would help.


      • Jeanne

        There is no formula, but I’m sure by now you have seen the repeat… sc, X, sc, pc, sc, X, sc, dc. Just keep going and you will be fine! Don’t fret over the counts at this point. You are already more then halfway! Just keep your sides even and it will all work out. Fake a stitch if you have to. 🙂

      • Barbara Mizelle

        Do you have one for the Hugs and Kisses chevron, I would like to that as well. I love the design.

      • If you go on The Crochet Crowd page and type Hugs and kisses chevron, into the search it will bring up a blanket with the pattern and diagram, I tried linking it here for you, but it wouldn’t let me.

  4. Barbara Mizelle

    I do you like to see a stitch count per side. I’ve had a terrible time keeping this pattern even. Do you have a diagram that shows the stitch count Per side by Row

  5. Toula Koutris

    I loooooooove rectangular vs. square!!! Your tutorial would be so much appreciated!!! Have a blessed weekend xoxox

    • I’m sorry, the project wasn’t designed that way. I don’t have an immediate answer for you. It requires a mathematics breakdown and research to ensure it will work.

  6. MaryLou

    Would love to see a video. Mikey you have inspired me and lit a fire for crocheting again, as well as wanting to knit. You are such a wonderful, patient and gentle spoken teacher. Please continue doing what you do! My children area also watching you to learn. One of which is only able to use her feet due to nerve damage and losing the use of her hands. Thank you for all of your time you give.

  7. Megan Stutes

    Love all your videos and patterns! Can you please post a video tutorial, and maybe a chart of the pattern also?

    Thanks from Cajun country!

  8. Vivian

    Please, please, pretty please do a video!!!

  9. melissa atkinson

    I would love to see a tutorial. I cannot get past round 3 / 4 I am just not understanding the instruction.

  10. melissa

    is there any chance that this is available in a chart format (image)? I am a left handed. The instructions don’t always line up for me and I find that I am able to figure it out when looking at a chart better than following written instructions.

  11. Beth Gelormine

    Please do a video of this pattern ??

    • Diana

      Yes, please do a video of Hugs & Kisses around the block.

      Mikey, you have taught me how to crochet! I have made some amazing projects. Would you believe about 8 yrs ago my “2nd” project was “Circular Motif Shawl”!!!!

      Thank you for being YOU!

      • Ann Morris

        Yes please would love you to do a video tutorial.

      • Ann Morris

        Yes please would love you to do a video tutorial.

  12. Kate

    Yes please Mikey, would love a tutorial on this or the square., would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ☺

  13. Jamie Hackbarth

    Please do a tutorial! I need clarification on rd 3!!

  14. maria sweany

    can you make a video of hugs and kisses

      • Yay!!! Thank you Jeanne for (once again) coming to our assistance. I’m so pleased that Mikey will do a tutorial and this Hugs and Kiss Blanket or even the Beans and Bobbles Blanket. Even using markers I tend to get off track when changing between rows. Much Love, Kate

  15. Becky

    Tutorial Please

  16. Terri Wiklak

    Yes! Tutorial, please!


    Tutorial pleeeeeeeeeease Mikey!!! 🙂

  18. Eleanor

    Tuytytytytyty for the patterns any videos are welcome 🙂

  19. Sallie

    Please make a video for this Hugs and Kisses pattern.

  20. Jan

    Yes Mikey, please do a tutorial.

  21. Gregg Stuart

    Tutorials are my best friend and so would you be Mikey if you made one!

  22. Carol Root

    Would love to see a tutorial on this one. It would get lots of visits! Thxs for all everyone on the Team does for us!

  23. Linda S. Michaud

    I would never say no to a video from Mikey, and if he can manage to squeeze one in for this ~ YaY❣️

  24. Celestial Darlene Cox

    Would you make video on the hugs and kisses square blanket please and thank you.

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