Tunisian Simple Pockets Wrap Pattern

Tunisian Simple Pockets Wrap
Tunisian Simple Pockets Wrap
Tunisian Simple Pockets Wrap

The Tunisian Simple Pockets Wrap pattern is designed by Anita Grover who’s first passion in the yarn arts is Tunisian.

Rightly named as using the word as simple as the Tunisian Simple Stitch and Tunisian Slip Stitches are used in this. The stitching combinations creates a striping effect but it also creates the appears of a checkboard. It’s really neat.

This is using Red Heart Hygge yarn.

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Free Pattern: Tunisian SImple Pockets Wrap

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  1. Sandrahauser

    Won’t let me get the pattern

  2. Colette L Molumby

    okay, have tried this pattern at least 5 times now and by the time I get to row5 or 6 I have stitches from row 1 that have stretched out so far I can’t believe it. I need a tutorial that goes a bit longer than 2 rows! I think I must be putting my hook in a wrong spot either to slip or simple, I am not even sure! HELP!!!! Is there a longer tutorial on 2 color tunisian simple stitch?

    • Mikey

      I have to put that back on my list for another time. I don’t have a tutorial for this stitch combo that’s any longer.

  3. Carol Poindexter

    I want to make this but I cannot find any Tunisian hooks in a size 11.5mm P. I have a 6mm size 10 and want to use Latte cakes. Would that work? I’ve been to JoAnn’s, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and looked on line. No one seems to carry this size.

    • Mikey

      Mininum of 10 mm / N. Tunisian really tight in tension. You need much bigger hooks than what the yarn calls for. I got mine from AliExpress.com

  4. Pamela Hadi

    I would love your tutorial! I tried Tunisian before, but didn’t have a project in mind! This would be lovely!! Thank you for your amazing help and always giving me new projects to succeed at!! 🥰

  5. Susan

    You’re awesome! I’m a visual learner too! I’m ready to start as soon as you say “GO”.

  6. Yes!! Please have the on line tutorials!! I have learned so much through them! Thank you so much!!!

  7. Nicole

    Yes please make a video on this. I learn a pattern better by watching your tutorials

    • Ethel Clark

      Reeeeeaaaaaly helps with tutorial! Am a visual learner!! Thank you!

      • Mikey

        I’m learning this now! Will have something done for tomorrow. 🙂

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