19 Gift Choices by Mikey

Giving for Christmas - Mikey
Giving for Christmas - Mikey
Giving for Christmas – Mikey

I’m Mikey, your blogging host of The Crochet Crowd and I have selected 12 gifting items. I don’t know about you, man it’s been a tough year.

Speaking bluntly, I have a really hard time mentally praising myself when all I see are faults and failures within myself. We, The Crochet Crowd, has had some pretty amazing accomplishments this year. Let’s be clear, The Crochet Crowd takes a village to run behind the scenes. While I am the face, I am not on the soap box alone. Man, I am getting teary thinking about the support I have to make this community base run. We are not perfect or pretend to be. It’s tough.

I spoke to the CEO of Yarnspirations and asked him, “What is the hardest part of the job?” I was expecting financials, budgets, supply and demand and his response was people personalities. Trying to make sure everyone jives together. Man, is he speaking about our job too? The first line support of our team feels that the most in working with community members to find balance when things go off-kilter.

Behind the scenes, we have 34 people who assist in powering our social content. Jeanne, Wendy, Anita, Michele, Wendy M, Donna, Cathy, Nancy E, Kathleen, Diane, Nancy L, Sherry. This year with our book is thanks for the help of John, Rick, Heidi, Tanya, Tom, Vern and Megan. With content support from Allison, Renee, Lillian, Bianca, Liz and Denise. With the design support of Svetlana, Gayle, Nicole, Erin, Julia, Katherine and Seema. Daniel and I couldn’t have made this possible. I may have missed a few people on this list.

When I think back to myself in doing the first videos for my creation of sitting on the floor. With the coffee table as my base and it pointing at the couch. It’s incredible how much I have learned and what I am capable of learning. 

Mikey Original Video
Mikey Original Video
Crochet Study of the Journey Afghan
Crochet Study of the Journey Afghan

The Crochet Crowd Book

The Crochet Crowd Book Cover
The Crochet Crowd Book Cover

The Crochet Crowd Book came out this year. Started in June 2020. It was a full year of work to accomplish. I have heard it would be an uphill climb and at times, it was really difficult. A lot of communications, collaborating and much more than I had anticipated.

Realistically, I don’t feel I could have done this book earlier in my career. The first years are constantly trying to prove your value. Remember, we started this before the word “Social Media” was uttered out of our mouths. We were at the ground roots and trying to convince companies that we were onto something. It wasn’t sunshine and rainbows though we had breakthroughs several years after we started.

Our first big break was in 2012, four years after I had started. The climb was steady with no major thing to propel us. I believe in slow-building and the idea of keeping education free. One mentor of mine gave the advice you never want to be an instant climb as the public will be done with you as quickly as you get up to the top. Your shelf life is limited. So build slowly and keep knocking out content. It’s been sound advice.

Currently, we working through The Study of the Journey Stitch Along with our book. While it’s one of a few paid patterns I have ever created, I felt the afghan needed tutorial support. So I pushed the publisher to allow this paid pattern to have tutorial support. Currently, at the time of writing this, we are about to go to Week 3 tomorrow. Thank you to all those who have purchased our book. It means a lot to us.

The book is available through your local bookstore or where you buy books online. I encourage you to order the book locally in your community and allow your bookstores to bring it in as it supports your local economy. Our book identification is The Crochet Crowd, ISBN: 978-1-77276-160-3. 

The Differences of Stitch Ambassadors

13 Mikey Crochet Patterns
13 Mikey Crochet Patterns

All of the Stitch Ambassadors have a unique role with Yarnspirations. The Crochet Crowd, us, stays only in the crochet.

I learned early on from coming into the industry not knowing anyone and feeling like an outsider to stay in my own lane and focus on the community that we are building first as a priority.

I believe that each of the Ambassadors and others in this industry outside of my direct reach are not competitors to each other but working together in unity to provide resources for crocheters to enjoy.

Like the other hosts such as Jonah, Sarah, Tiffany & Hannah, Tamara and Marly, we each present our skills in a unique way for our own community base. Yarnspirations brings us together to continue our presentations with their support.

6 Choices Selected By Mikey

Each Stitch Ambassador was asked to select as many choices for The Annual Holiday Guide 2021 that they felt their communities would enjoy. You can see all ambassador choices if you want to see approximately 880+ free patterns. I decided to select 6 Choices that you may be interested in. I’m going to stay on the crochet side of this because of our website and main genre. Click on the picture for those patterns.

The Christmas Blanket is actually 6-Day Kid Crochet Blanket by Betty McKnit. Betty has perfected the design concept in various different ways. Very much like Jeanne Steinhilber has perfected the Hugs & Kisses Stitch Concept.

Mikey Patterns

I also have patterns on her website that I think you may be interested in. I personally selected these choices that you may have missed. Click on the picture for those patterns.

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    • Mikey

      Where do you see that in the article? I’m not sure which one you are referring to.

  1. Katie Davis

    Thank you for teaching me so much about something a really love. Crochet has helped me a lot with my mental health. I love your YouTube videos it makes me feel like I’m sat next to a friend who is teaching me. I’m off to buy your book.

  2. Karen Blqir

    Thanks for all you do and your collaborators I have numerous file boxes full of patterns but now I just pull up your site and pick something! Thanks again.

  3. Karen Blair(aka fred winchester)

    Thanks for everything! I have multiple large boxes of patterns in the old house is. Don’t even look any more! Just pull up the crochet crowd on screen and within minutes I will find something awesome to do. Keep up the good work. And thanks to all of your collaborators!

  4. Robyn

    So glad you put a book together. Thank you. Love your work.
    I am going to try to buy it through an Aus bookstore online as no bookstores where I live.

  5. Nancy Elliott

    Thank you Michael, Dan and the rest of the team behind The Crochet Crowd. It’s been a sincere pleasure and an honour to be a part of the behind the scenes testing team and I appreciate all of you and all you do for our crochet community.

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