Crochet Mike The Monster by Disney

Mike the Monster Crochet Doll

Crochet Mike the Monster
Crochet Mike the Monster

The Crochet Mike the Monster is authorized by Disney Character in crochet format. Stacey Trock of designed this character and received special permission from Disney. With doing a Registered Trademarked item, there are certain restrictions in place.

  1. The pattern cannot be sold. It must be given out for free.
  2. The finished projects cannot be sold as Mike The Monster which includes raffling him off.
  3. A crocheter cannot state its official merchandise of Disney. The pattern is intended for sharing and for people to crochet him without financially benefiting from it.

Mike the Monster was presented and it took a few weeks for people to figure out what we were actually crocheting. There are over 900 photos of this character that were collected during the stitch along. Some are really over the top for accessories added to the doll. See Mike the Monster Gallery.

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Crochet Mike The Monster Pattern


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